English Oral presentation reflection

What is the purpose of today’s oral presentations?

I think the purpose of todays oral presentation is that….

  • to learn new values
  • you can get better at performing
  • have more confidence to perform in-front of people and a big audience.
  • to prepare yourself for future presentations in life such as in college etc…

How well did I communicate?

I think I did well communicating but I could of spoke a bit more clearly while speaking and I could of looked at the audience more so then the viewers or audience will think the oral presentation is really interesting to watch and listen and I think it is really important to have a nice and clear speech. I also could have used more variety of different words to describe my values so then the audience won’t get bored.
Here is my Oral presentation video…

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  1. Thanks for your reflection and thoughts Charlie. I would have liked to hear more about one of the purposes of the presentations. You discussed how well you communicated thoughtfully, and understand some key aspects of presenting. Well done.

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