Technology – Criteria E Reflection of digital story

Today I will talk about my Digital story. This is my reflection for my digital story which is about Improvisation in Tap Dance.


1. How well your digital story met the essential and desirable specifications you wrote for yourself when you did the peer assessment compared to how well you met these goals after the video was complete. 

I think my digital story met the essential and desirable specifications because I think my video had lots of detail and it was interesting to watch. But I could’ve had some expressions in my voice because sometimes when I watched my video, I got bored and also my video might have been a bit too long. But overall I think my video was good and I think I met my goals which was to have a clear video, good quality and more. Also when I showed it to different people they though it was interesting and great to watch! I hope I can make more digital stories again because it was a great experience creating my own video!


2. Reflect on your work during each part of the design cycle and explain areas for improvement with excellent detail and supporting examples.

I think I did well on the planning stage because I was able to plan my video well and I was able to follow the instructions and do them properly. Also I think my video topic was easy to do for me to do. I think I need to improve  on the investigating stage because I had some trouble finding and exploring other digital story videos and also explaining about why the videos we watched was important. Sometimes I think I have trouble explaining the reason.


“How can we use media to communicate our stories?”

We can use media to communicate stories by using different softwares. If we use interesting softwares then it would make the story more better. When I made my digital story I used my camera to record and then I edited my video with iMovie. I think if you use interesting softwares then using media will be good of communicating stories.


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