6th grade portfolio

Here are my goals that I want to get better at.
1. My first Goal is to get better at Tap Dancing. I want to improve this Goal because I want be a great Tap Dancer and be famous. I can reach this goal by going to different Tap Dance lessons and getting better from there. I could once I am older go to different countries.


2. My second Goal is to get lots of Flags on my blog. I want to improve this Goal because having a great blog and people will like to more. Also if I have a great blog than Miss Cofino might put it on twitter and I could get more people.


3. My Third Goal is to do well in subjects at school. I want to improve this because I will feel happy and I will feel that I have achieved something. I could reach this goal by working harder and trying my best and never give up!!


Here are some photos and screenshots of 3 pieces of work that I am proud of during the two semesters. 


1. Science wheels is one of my most proudest work because I worked hard on it and it was a really enjoyable topic because we learned about wheels which I think is interesting to research. Before we did this project I already new some things about wheels because I learnt it when I was in Christchurch but this project was still challenging for me because some things where hard and I sometimes like challenging work. I only like challenging work when it
is one of my favourite classes. I love science!!!









2. Humanities hurricane sandy news is one of favourite work at school because first of all I love humanities and I like most of the work we do but I think I like this work the best because I put lots of effort into this work and I enjoyed making by own news. Also when we started learning about this unit I was fascinated by the hurricane sandy and making my own news about it was great. I would like to have another chance to make a news because I like have imagination in my work and have fun.






3. Technology tutorial is my most favourite work because I worked hard on it and I sometimes had some trouble with but I managed to finish the tutorial well. My topic was How to do a shuffle in Tap Dance. I also like this project because we could chose what topic we wanted and it made is easier to do it. After this project I was really proud of my work and I would like to do another tutorial again because it was a great experience.

Here is a link to my tutorial.

My tutorial





4. I like my english podcast because I really enjoyed talking about a book that we liked. What we did was we went to the library and found a sakura book. After we chose the book we had to read it. After that we made our own podcast about the book. In the podcast there was an intro and the conclusion. Mark ( my friend ) and I did the intro and ending. The thing that was most fun was that I was able to use different software’s  such as garageband to record. I also liked recording myself but I do not listening to my voice though.

Here is a link to my podcast which is on my blog.


My podcast

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