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Hello my name is Charlie. I currently live in Japan. I am 12 years old. I have been at YIS at around 3 or 4 years. I have lots of friends at school. I like playing games. I used to like Pokemon but now I don’t like it very much. I also like Tap Dancing. I have done Tap dancing for around 3 years. I have performed in lots of concerts such as National Tap Day 2012 and 2013. I think my head is full of rhythm and I can’t stop thinking of it. I also like Rock and roll music. My favourite Rock and roll band is Led Zeppelin. I like them a lot because they have good music and I liked the drummer. The drummers name was called John Bonham. I think the drummer was very good. 

My favourite Bands are Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nirvana and Guns and Roses. I like school as well. I would like to keep on living in Japan because the food is great and it is much different then other places that are around the world. I used to live in New Zealand for around 7 years but I moved to Japan. I was born in Tokyo ( Japan) My most favourite food that are in Japan are sushi and Yaki Soba which are very famous in Japan. But I like Ramen ( any noodles ) the best because it is yummy and I like Noodles a lot. Here is a picture of Ramen. 

My favourite song by Led Zeppelin is a song called Heartbreaker and Stairway to Heaven. My favourite guitarist is Jimmy Page because I think he is very good at playing guitar. In the song Stairway to heaven, Jimmy Page plays a double guitar which looks really cool. Also in stairway to heaven, Jimmy Page plays one of the greatest guitar solos in the WORLD. I like jazz music as well as rock. I also like Airplanes. The only bit I don’t like about planes is that it might CRASH!!!! I never want to die. My favourite type of plane is a Airbus a380 plane. I think that plane is very good. My favourite plane is Qantas. I think Airbus a380 is a very big plane. I have been on it before.

I am now in Grade 7 in middle school. We have lots of subjects like Science, English, Technology and more. We have 5 or 6 class every day. But sometimes we have 2 periods which is a double lesson.

Here is a link of songs that I love. As you can see I love to listen to music. You can tell by looking at how many different options there are. Most of these songs are rock. Please check these songs out.

Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker

Van Halen Jump

Bon Jovi Living on a prayer

Red hot chilli peppers Dani California 

T- rex Get it on








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  1. I like were you like the Japanese foods

    And I would suggest you to try and eat the “Yanagawanabe” which you could eat in Asakusa! This foods one-pot dishes of the Edo birth using a loach.

    It tast fantastic.

  2. hi charlie this is Christian (mark’s friend) your blog is EPIC good to know you enjoy minecraft play a lot in s’pore . i went to jp before and belive the RAMEN WAS DELICIOUS anyways i speak french cya later need to go

  3. Hi Charlie I have just read your blog about yourself I too like Ramen noodles so when you next visit we will have go to a Japanese restaurant and share some together. Music in your bones ! Music in your feet! Music in your head! Rhythm to make you leap! Love Grandma

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