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On Tuesday morning, we went to Casino Games. They gave us 15 coupons at the beginning, and we had to play games to win more coupons. I don’t remember exactly what I played but I kept on losing. When I played a game that you can win 40 tokens, although it is very hard to win, I won. To win, we needed to pick 2 cards that are both odd numbers and the same numbers. It was hard but on the second try, I won 40 coupons. I had 44 coupons at the end. First I kept on losing, so I didn’t fell like losing more, but after I won 40 coupons, I thought it’s worth a try. I also felt very happy after I won 40 coupons. On the first half, I was making a terrible loss, but once I won 40 coupons, I made a huge profit. I made a big profit because when I went to the 40 coupons booth, I had 7 coupons left. On my 2nd try, I won, and I had 45 coupons. After I won, I tried 1 more game and I lost. Playing the Casino Games, I thought that we should play a fair game, or a cheap and a game that you can win lots, even though the probability is low.

Looking at a game and thinking if i should play it.

The whole auditorium looked like this…

After I won 40 coupons

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  1. You also get a bonus on Winning the casino games. These casino bonuses are mostly tied with the terms and conditions. You need to fulfill these in order to get the bonuses otherwise; you might even lose your won money. Therefore, it is recommended to read all the terms and conditions very carefully regarding these type casino bonuses.

  2. You can find suitable online casino games for yourself by looking for certain things. First of all, make it certain that you have a list of online casinos which have really good reputation and status on the web. You can know about these by reading reviews about the online casinos on the web. The reviews are given great importance on the web as these speak volumes about the quality of the websites.

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