What happens when one country controls another?

If one country tries to control another country, which is also called colonizing, usually a war happens. It is because the people that want to colonize want to take over the country, but the other country does not want the other country to control them. But sometimes, they don’t fight, because they already know that they are going to lose, or something bad is going to happen if you don’t obey them, or they simply just think that it’s better.

The reason why they get into a fight is not just that they want land, but lots of things are connected to that. An example is that they want the resources on the land, and sell it in a high cost. They also want to spread the country and their culture. In most reasons, it is for money, and resources, which also can be money.

When one country controls another, usually the colonized country doesn’t want to be colonized. They want to be free, and it usually isn’t fair to them. So sometimes they want to fight back, but they can’t, or they are afraid to. But sometimes they just like to be colonized. It can be because the country is a disaster, or maybe because it’s just better.

But on the colonizing side, they think it’s better. They can get extra money, they can get resources, they  can make the country their country, and more. They have the right to use their country to set up a base, or they might even use it for war. If they have that country, when a war happens, they can make a flight even closer and it is easier to win the war. They can also use the country as a slave to serve the country.

http://bit.ly/16DtQAE  cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Magnus Akselvoll

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