Advertisements and Poems

In english class, we were told to to compare and contraast how poems and ads use textual and visual language to move people.

I think poems use mainly text, and less visual language. Poems makes you think more about what the poem is trying to make you think. I think poems have a smaller target audience than advertisements because not everybody can read, and think about the poem right, or the way the poet wants the audience to think about it. But, I also think that the poems are more deep, and thoughtful, and I personally think that poems are more heart-moving than advertisements, because it makes you think more, and if you think about it, it makes you more emotional than just advertisements directly telling you the message of the advertisement. I also think that poems are visual, but just explaining the visual part in words instead of pictures. You will need to imagine it, which makes you more emotional, because you imagined it.

I think advertisements are mainly visual language, and less text. Advertisements tells the message of the creator more direct to the audience, I think it has a larger target audience than poems. It is because it is simple and not too complicated, so the audience would not have to think about it deeply, so I think it is more easy to understand than poems. However, I think advertisements have a weaker effect of heart-moving because it tells the message directly, it doesn’t make you think, so ┬áit doesn’t make you emotional like how poems do, but instead advertisements use pictures and visual support to make the audience more emotional.

In conclusion, I think both advertisements and poems are good but in a different way, but have the same purpose. It is hard to chose one or the other, but I think I would decide depending on the topic, which is better for that situation.