8th Grade SLC Portfolio

So far, I think I am improving and doing well on a lot of skills, but I still think I can improve my other skills. I think I am doing well with collaboration, organisation, transfer between subjects. I think I am still improving with critical thinking, and I think I need to improve on my reflection skills. 

Communication skills:

Music: Music Composition

In Music class, we needed to compose music with the group my teacher chosen, which for me was Hyewon, Yuka, Kento, and Garrick. The theme of the song is Winter. I demonstrated this skill by collaborating with my group members for making my song. The song we made is better than I was imagining. We also used social media such as facebook and skype to work at home. We made different variations at home and tried combining with my group, and we all put a lot of effort. If I were to do this again, I think we should practice more and make sure everyone remembers their part.

Individuals and Societies: Buddhism Presentation
We needed to research about a religion and show the information to the class by presenting with a partner. My partner was Hyewon. I demonstrated this by splitting up our research and part, but also helping each other by looking over Hyewon’s work, and helping her make her part better, and she also did that for me too. We also practiced a lot in class and through social media. I learned that we both need to do it, not one only one person doing a lot, because it worked well.
Slides and Research and Script of Presentaion

Organisation skills:

English: Screencast of Ads and Poems
We needed to make a screencast explaining which is the better text for change, advertisement or poem. I organised my screencast and my speech notes so that the audience would know what message I am trying to tell through this screencast. I also organised my notes so that I wouldn’t forget what I am supposed to mention. I included this piece because I think I put a lot of time and effort into this work, and I enjoyed making this screencast.
Text for change screencast

Spanish: Mi Vacaciones en Mexico Presentation
We needed imagine that we went to a spanish speaking country, and we needed to talk about the trip. My country was Mexico, and we needed to talk about the culture and what we did there. I demonstrated this by keeping my research and slides organised in categories, and kept my script in the order of my slides and kept it organised so that I won’t forget. My next step for getting a better grade is to practice in front of people because I get nervous when I get in front of people and stammer a lot.
Slides, Plan, Research, and Script for presentation

Design: Research of Ad
In the first semester in design class, we needed to make an advertisement for a product that isn’t targeted at teenagers, and make an ad that is targeted at teenagers. We can also make an poster to spread awareness to people. I kept my research and organised and easy to understand. I also kept the text in boxes and used arrows to make it clear where and what I am trying to express. I may want to add more pages and detail because I think I put too much detail on one page and I think it might be better if it was more spread out. I really enjoyed doing this assessment, and I also enjoyed researching and gathering data, which I didn’t think I would enjoy this much.
Target locked assessment

Transferring Knowledge:

Science: Velocity test
We had a test about velocity, speed and we needed to graph it on the test. I used math and logic to solve lots of the problems that include graphing, and problems that include calculations. I also used how I explain in english to prove my point in science. I think I studied well for this test, and I am happy I got this grade. I also liked graphing and solving problems that uses logic because I needed to think in different ways for solving the problem.
Science Test

PE: Netgames Slideshow test:
We had an individual test using google presentation about the techniques and rules about badminton. I used the prediction that I use in math and science to think of plans and formations so that we know what we are doing, and to win the point. I also used the techniques that we discussed in class, and I think I explained it well in the way I wanted to. This test made me think about how I played with my partner Satono, and I think we used this technique a lot.
Slideshow Test

Critical Thinking:

Japanese: 紛争に対してどう対応するか
We needed to translate the unit question, How do we respond to conflicts? and answer it. I used critical thinking in this assessment because I needed to think about how we should respond to conflicts peacefully. I really thought about the answer using knowledge and thought about what will happen. I also thought about how conflicts happen, and why.

Math: Patterns Test
In this test, we needed to find the patterns in exponents. We were finding the pattern in the last digits, and we needed to write how we find the nth term, last digit. I needed to think carefully on how the numbers ascend, descend, and also think about regular patterns at the same time. I needed to look for the patterns in the numbers and also look for the general pattern at the same time.
Math Test


Drama: Elevator Scene Reflection
In drama class, we needed to make an elevator scene where we need to show our character, when the elevator stops. We did a blog post reflection on that work, and I think I need to improve on this because I don’t think I did well on reflecting on my work effectively, and transmitted it so I can use it for my next task.
Elevator Scene Reflection Blog Post

Art: Reflection of Ceramic Piece
For art, we researched about different types of ceramics, and we made one our own. We needed to make something that we can replace in everyday life. I want to improve on the reflection I did on that. I think I did okay with finding the main parts that I needed to improve, but I think I needed to make my reflection more detailed, and more easy to understand without looking at almost any other work.
Ceramics Reflection

One of my goals are to reflect more deeply and effectively on my work. I want to improve my reflection skills because that can lead to bigger improvements for my next task.

Another goal is to think in different ways than I think now, in different perspectives. I learned that truth can be relevant and different by who is telling the story, so I also want to use that in my work, trying to think in different perspectives and different ways.

My final goal is to work on transmitting my research into words and express my message clearly. It is because I am not putting my research into clear words and expressing it right for some work. When I look at it again, I realise that I didn’t say the message clearly as I wanted to express it, so I want to improve on that. 

I think I am improving a lot this year, and I want to keep on improving my skills I am good at and the skills that I am not really good at.

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