MARRIAGE: What is unstable Juliet thinking about?

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Juliet Capulet and a young men kissing on the sea side

This month we caught up with Capulet’s only daughter, gorgeous Juliet again. Last month, she mentioned that marrying was a dream that she has dreamed not of, but now rumours say that Juliet is now romantically associated with Romeo, Montague’s son, instead of Paris. What is she thinking? Juliet reveals all.

Comments say that you are closer to the Nurse than your very own mother. Why?
Well, come to think of it, I think I am closer to the Nurse than my mother. I know the Nurse from when I was a baby, so she’s no different from my mother. She acts more like she’s closer than me and actually talks to me, you know my mother only orders me or forces me to do things.

Your parents are telling you to marry Paris. How do you think your parents about that?
Honestly, I think that they want me to marry someone who just LOOKS perfect to themselves. I don’t think Paris loves me by heart and just wants the gifts that comes by marrying me. I don’t even KNOW Paris and even though I’m supposed to be the ‘obedient and perfect’ girl, I still have feelings and a heart to decide my own. I know Romeo better, and Romeo is really kind, and feels empathy towards me. I want to be with him as long as I can.

Earlier, you mentioned that you want to be with Romeo as long as you could. What made you want to be with Romeo instead of Paris?
Romeo feels how I feel. He is not the ‘ideal’ man that everyone dreams of, but no one’s perfect. Romeo and I have similar lives of being the rich-man’s-child, also knows the pressure of supposed to being ‘perfect’. Romeo and I have too much in common!

You mentioned that Romeo is not the ideal man that EVERYONE dreams of, but is Romeo YOUR ideal man?
Well, I think my ideal is not everyone’s ideal. Maybe my ideal person is a person who is not ideal for everyone. Romeo is not like his father, or macho, and he doesn’t have a strong, powerful image, but because he is like that, I don’t have to be the young, innocent, obedient girl who is perfect. He knows the pressure of supposed to be perfect, and also when he talks to me, he looks at me from the level of my eyes instead of looking down from above.

Last time when we asked you about marriage, you answered,

“Marrying is an honour that I dream not of.”

What made your thoughts about that change?

Before, I thought marrying was just going to another man, and supporting him for my whole life. Now I know it’s not. It’s about being with someone you want to be with for your whole life. Now it is something would honour. I would want to marry Romeo, he is the person I would want to be with for my whole life.

You said that you would want to marry Romeo. However, your family are enemies for a long time with Romeo’s family. If you have to choose either Romeo or your family, which would you choose?
Actually, I don’t know yet. I don’t really know Romeo’s family in person, but I heard that his family is similar to my family. If what he said is true, I can not decide. If it is possible, I want to live freely with Romeo. I want to go to a place where no one knows us, and where no one would judge us for or gender or our looks. We want to choose ourselves, and live with our own power. Basically, there is only a small chance that I would choose my family.