Fit for Life Living in a Healthy way

This year in design, we made digital or physical model that fits our plan that we thought carefully. Before, I thought that I could not make anything that I imagine, and that something would go wrong. However, nothing really went wrong and I made my model just like I planned. I learned that I can actually make what I want to do, which is positive thinking compared to before.

This year in sports especially in volleyball, I learned to try new things and to shake mistakes off to set a new mind. In volleyball, if you make a mistake in something the opponent team gets a point. Because of this, I always could not completely reset my mind when I make a mistake.

Write a GCD Fit for Life blog post on your blog in which you name and explain four things you have learned this year (both in and outside of school) that could have an impact on how you live your life. Two should be habits of mind (like VIA Strengths or MBTI) and two should be healthy habits (such as sleep, good social relationships or body image).