GCD – Wellness

GCD Criteria: That you have knowledge of what makes a person well physically, mentally/emotionally, socially, and spiritually, and that you have developed practices for keeping yourself well.

You provide evidence of a regular practice you engage in to support your wellness in two of physical, mental/emotional, social or spiritual wellness and reflect on how these practices have benefited you.

From years of sports including basketball, I know that I have a weakness in stamina and it deteriorates when it is offseason. To make myself more physically fit for the season, I started jumping 5 minutes of jump rope every day. This made me ready in stamina and also increased my height in jumping. I also dance outside of school and there I do a lot of muscle training to strengthen my core. I noticed that strengthening my core could help me get more power when I am in the air which is important in blocking and spiking. Core muscle also helps me stand up quickly after I dive.

I have been participating in volleyball since I was in 6th grade, and this year I was in Varsity Volleyball. From years of experience, I know that I am extremely weak against pressure. Volleyball is partly a mental game and therefore I knew that I needed to improve my mental strength to become a better player. To improve my mental strength I made sure that I imagine myself getting every serve over the net before I serve, and before every game, I imagine myself spiking good balls over the net. This way, I feel confident and would improve how I play.

Spiritually, I went to every game, cheered in a loud voice. To engage in team spirit, I hand made every teammate and my coach hair ties with red ribbons. We wore this to both tournaments and to every game. I made sure that I engaged with everyone, including teammates from different grades so that they do not feel left out in the team. I demonstrated this mostly in AISA basketball tournament. I was with girls from 9th grade and 10th grade, and therefore were not people who I talk with normally at school. However, from team dinner and playing basketball, I got to know them and now, after the season, still talk to them.

School team sports helped me improve in physical, mental, and social wellness, and I would like to continue improving in this even after I graduate.