Math End of the Year Reflection

I am in grade 7 math class, and Mr. Fedley is my teacher. This semester, our units were ratios, algebra, angles, and statistics. One of the example for statistics is my Blog Post. I think I did well in angles and algebra, and also statistics. I completed and enjoyed going to the Marine Tower. I liked going to the Marine Tower as a field trip. I think I want to focus on math next year is ratios, because I think I am not good at solving ratio problems.

Using Ratios To Estimate Sizes

We used ratios to estimate sizes of other things. We did it like this…

1. We measured the ritz box, and it was 19cm.Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.27.59 AM
2. Then we compared it to one of the lockers outside.
3. There were about 4.5 ritz boxes.
4. We made it into a ratio.
Ritz box ->1:4.5<- Locker
5. Then we did the math.
4.5 x 19=85.5
6. After that, we measured the locker. It was 90.2cm.

The ratio we estimated was 1:4.5, and the real ratio was 1:4.75(Rounded)
We did a pretty good estimate using ratios! (Although it was 4.7cm off :P)

My Reflection of Semester 1 Math

What I learned

  • I learned how to get the hypotenuse.
  • More about venn diagrams

What I enjoyed the most

  • We went to the Marine Tower, and estimated the hypotenuse from the top of the marine tower to something, like mount. fuji.  I enjoyed going to marine tower, and going up the tower.

What i didn’t enjoy the most

  • Percentage because I’m not good at it. I can do it, but it is hard for me.

What was the piece of work that you were most proud of?

  • I think I was proud with the test that I took because I got a pretty good grade, and it was higher than I expected.

What I want to improve.

  • I want to improve on percentage, and getting the hypotenuse.
  • I want to improve on my communication.

Casino Games

On Tuesday morning, we went to Casino Games. They gave us 15 coupons at the beginning, and we had to play games to win more coupons. I don’t remember exactly what I played but I kept on losing. When I played a game that you can win 40 tokens, although it is very hard to win, I won. To win, we needed to pick 2 cards that are both odd numbers and the same numbers. It was hard but on the second try, I won 40 coupons. I had 44 coupons at the end. First I kept on losing, so I didn’t fell like losing more, but after I won 40 coupons, I thought it’s worth a try. I also felt very happy after I won 40 coupons. On the first half, I was making a terrible loss, but once I won 40 coupons, I made a huge profit. I made a big profit because when I went to the 40 coupons booth, I had 7 coupons left. On my 2nd try, I won, and I had 45 coupons. After I won, I tried 1 more game and I lost. Playing the Casino Games, I thought that we should play a fair game, or a cheap and a game that you can win lots, even though the probability is low.

Looking at a game and thinking if i should play it.

The whole auditorium looked like this…

After I won 40 coupons