iPad Reflection

I think the iPad was sort of useful because it had apps like Haikudeck, and Coach’s Eye that was only available on the iPad. I think Haiku Deck was useful because you can see your script, and when you present, the script won’t show to the audience, but you can see it. I used this for my Humanities Presentation of History of Yokohama. I used that because one of my friends said that you can see the script and it won’t show.

I think Coach’s Eye is useful because you can record easily on your iPad, and easily edit it, and you can look at it in slow-motion, and more. You can only do this on a iPad, so I think it was useful than a laptop. I used that for PE because we needed to make one with our throwing for one of our assessment.

What I didn’t like about it was that most of the things we used in school, such as iMovie, google drive was the things that you can do on the laptop. I thought the iPad was useless because you need to bring it to school, when you already have it on your laptop, and I think a laptop can do more things than a iPad.

Digital Citizenship

This week is the digital citizenship week. We did a lot of things today.
Digital citizenship basically means to me, how we use technology in a good way. So,we did an activity in tutor class. We needed to take a picture of you doing social network, or something that involves technology, and post it on the internet. I did it with Emma. S, Ayaka, and Lisa.

I took a picture of me skypeing with Lisa. This is the picture.

I’m the one who is on the screen.

Smart Goals

1) How will you make make a positive impact on the YIS community?

I will work with people that I don’t work with during class. I want to reach this goal because I want to know my friends better. To reach my goal, I will work with a lot of people. I will also play team sports if I can.

2)How will you achieve academic success?

 I want to be better at grammar. I want to reach this goal because I am not good at grammar. I will know if I achieved my goal if I get good scores on grammar than before. To reach the goal, I will practice my grammar.

Reflection about Gr.6 trip 2013

In 6th grade, I went to Fuji Goko as a Graduation Trip. I enjoyed a lot of things, but I had a lot of challenges too.

What did I enjoy?

I enjoyed doing rafting, because it was fun building our raft and trying it our at Fuji Children’s world. I also enjoyed making chikuwa.

What did I do well?

I think I did well on making my chikuwa, even though it was my first time.

What challenges did I face?

A challenge I faced was communicating with my friends when I had a argument with my roommates.

How did I grow?

I think I got stronger, and I got better at communicating with my friends.

What will I do differently this year?

I think I will try more new things, and be a risk taker.

Why is Field Studies an important part of our schooling?

I think it is to have fun, and to become more like one group.