Grade 8 Field Studies

In this field studies, I learned that if I be a risk-taker, I can do a lot of things, and it might not be that bad. I learned this by jumping after canyoning, and also when I performed the skit with my activity group. I also learned that I can sort of adjust to a lot of places than I thought. I learned that if can be a little more confident and practice more with my team for performances.

I got out of my comfort zone by interacting with people I’m usually not with. I also got out of my comfort zone by not staying at home, or school, or places that I’m usually in. During the performance I got out of my comfort zone by performing with other people and also performing skits, which I don’t perform a lot.


My Strength

I did the multiple intelligences test, and I got the results that I am logic and good at math, and I am also good at body movement such as PE and dance and other things, and the third result is that I am a naturalist. I think this is right because I do like math and I think I am not bad at it, I enjoy sports and dancing. I also like nature and animals. I think this is true I think this asks really good and detailed questions. I think this is right for me and I think I found my strengths and weaknesses. I was surprised that I was good at math and logical, because I only thought that I wasn’t bad about it. But I knew that I like exercising because when I was about 3 or 4, I started dance because I liked it. I also like volleyball and basketball. I like playing sports. I also wasn’t surprised at being a naturalist because I like nature from when I was small too. I liked going to parks, and I like playing outside than playing inside. As I said earlier, I was really surprised about being logical because  I only thought that math wasn’t my weak subject, but I never thought that that is my strength, especially when it came up first.


If you want to do this test, please go: Here