GCD – Wellness

GCD Criteria: That you have knowledge of what makes a person well physically, mentally/emotionally, socially, and spiritually, and that you have developed practices for keeping yourself well.

You provide evidence of a regular practice you engage in to support your wellness in two of physical, mental/emotional, social or spiritual wellness and reflect on how these practices have benefited you.

From years of sports including basketball, I know that I have a weakness in stamina and it deteriorates when it is offseason. To make myself more physically fit for the season, I started jumping 5 minutes of jump rope every day. This made me ready in stamina and also increased my height in jumping. I also dance outside of school and there I do a lot of muscle training to strengthen my core. I noticed that strengthening my core could help me get more power when I am in the air which is important in blocking and spiking. Core muscle also helps me stand up quickly after I dive.

I have been participating in volleyball since I was in 6th grade, and this year I was in Varsity Volleyball. From years of experience, I know that I am extremely weak against pressure. Volleyball is partly a mental game and therefore I knew that I needed to improve my mental strength to become a better player. To improve my mental strength I made sure that I imagine myself getting every serve over the net before I serve, and before every game, I imagine myself spiking good balls over the net. This way, I feel confident and would improve how I play.

Spiritually, I went to every game, cheered in a loud voice. To engage in team spirit, I hand made every teammate and my coach hair ties with red ribbons. We wore this to both tournaments and to every game. I made sure that I engaged with everyone, including teammates from different grades so that they do not feel left out in the team. I demonstrated this mostly in AISA basketball tournament. I was with girls from 9th grade and 10th grade, and therefore were not people who I talk with normally at school. However, from team dinner and playing basketball, I got to know them and now, after the season, still talk to them.

School team sports helped me improve in physical, mental, and social wellness, and I would like to continue improving in this even after I graduate.


As I am in GIN Chiku service group, I go to the Chiku center at least once in 2 months. At Chiku I went to the meeting both in the morning and afternoon, and learned how important Chiku service is for the homeless people. I learned this by talking to the people who were always there for Chiku food service, and asked them why the amount of food needed differs. They answered that the homeless people have to live with an unstable earning as they can not find a stable job. This may mean that they might have to live with no earning for weeks, therefore, to live they would need to save money and eat. When the homeless people have an earning they would go eat something different, however, they would run out of money before the next salary but would need something to eat therefore need the food from the Chiku group.

In the morning, I saw people from the Chiku center predicting the amount of food the homeless people would need based on the salary system while I was helping the Chiku people cook the food for the homeless people, and in the afternoon I was giving the food out to the homeless people and looking at the amount of people that needed the food. I was surprised as some homeless people brought their own pots so that they could get more food. Some days, the food would run out and on other days, we had just enough. As I saw how desperate the people were to get food, it made me think of how much we waste food in the canteen. I felt that I wanted to do something with the amount of food we waste to help the homeless people.

This experience made me think about when I went to New York for a month during the summer as there were a lot of homeless people there. The homeless people were begging for money laying in the streets, however, the homeless people at Kotobukicho do not beg for money. This made me curious of the difference between how people see the homeless people in NewYork and Japan.

The meaningful action I took is that I spoke up during the meeting saying that we should donate more food as there are not enough. After discussion, we decided to conduct more donation events and also we went to the elementary students and shared the reality of the homeless people, asking them to bring in some food to donate to the Chiku center. Although this may have been a small act, speaking out my thoughts have influenced the Chiku group and the elementary school to start donate food.

Fit for Life Living in a Healthy way

This year in design, we made digital or physical model that fits our plan that we thought carefully. Before, I thought that I could not make anything that I imagine, and that something would go wrong. However, nothing really went wrong and I made my model just like I planned. I learned that I can actually make what I want to do, which is positive thinking compared to before.

This year in sports especially in volleyball, I learned to try new things and to shake mistakes off to set a new mind. In volleyball, if you make a mistake in something the opponent team gets a point. Because of this, I always could not completely reset my mind when I make a mistake.

Write a GCD Fit for Life blog post on your blog in which you name and explain four things you have learned this year (both in and outside of school) that could have an impact on how you live your life. Two should be habits of mind (like VIA Strengths or MBTI) and two should be healthy habits (such as sleep, good social relationships or body image).

MARRIAGE: What is unstable Juliet thinking about?

402680205_367492b0ac_oPhoto by Phil Kates
Juliet Capulet and a young men kissing on the sea side

This month we caught up with Capulet’s only daughter, gorgeous Juliet again. Last month, she mentioned that marrying was a dream that she has dreamed not of, but now rumours say that Juliet is now romantically associated with Romeo, Montague’s son, instead of Paris. What is she thinking? Juliet reveals all.

Comments say that you are closer to the Nurse than your very own mother. Why?
Well, come to think of it, I think I am closer to the Nurse than my mother. I know the Nurse from when I was a baby, so she’s no different from my mother. She acts more like she’s closer than me and actually talks to me, you know my mother only orders me or forces me to do things.

Your parents are telling you to marry Paris. How do you think your parents about that?
Honestly, I think that they want me to marry someone who just LOOKS perfect to themselves. I don’t think Paris loves me by heart and just wants the gifts that comes by marrying me. I don’t even KNOW Paris and even though I’m supposed to be the ‘obedient and perfect’ girl, I still have feelings and a heart to decide my own. I know Romeo better, and Romeo is really kind, and feels empathy towards me. I want to be with him as long as I can.

Earlier, you mentioned that you want to be with Romeo as long as you could. What made you want to be with Romeo instead of Paris?
Romeo feels how I feel. He is not the ‘ideal’ man that everyone dreams of, but no one’s perfect. Romeo and I have similar lives of being the rich-man’s-child, also knows the pressure of supposed to being ‘perfect’. Romeo and I have too much in common!

You mentioned that Romeo is not the ideal man that EVERYONE dreams of, but is Romeo YOUR ideal man?
Well, I think my ideal is not everyone’s ideal. Maybe my ideal person is a person who is not ideal for everyone. Romeo is not like his father, or macho, and he doesn’t have a strong, powerful image, but because he is like that, I don’t have to be the young, innocent, obedient girl who is perfect. He knows the pressure of supposed to be perfect, and also when he talks to me, he looks at me from the level of my eyes instead of looking down from above.

Last time when we asked you about marriage, you answered,

“Marrying is an honour that I dream not of.”

What made your thoughts about that change?

Before, I thought marrying was just going to another man, and supporting him for my whole life. Now I know it’s not. It’s about being with someone you want to be with for your whole life. Now it is something would honour. I would want to marry Romeo, he is the person I would want to be with for my whole life.

You said that you would want to marry Romeo. However, your family are enemies for a long time with Romeo’s family. If you have to choose either Romeo or your family, which would you choose?
Actually, I don’t know yet. I don’t really know Romeo’s family in person, but I heard that his family is similar to my family. If what he said is true, I can not decide. If it is possible, I want to live freely with Romeo. I want to go to a place where no one knows us, and where no one would judge us for or gender or our looks. We want to choose ourselves, and live with our own power. Basically, there is only a small chance that I would choose my family.

Why do people see history differently?

People see history differently because their priority is different. People’s priorities are different because everyone grew up in different environment, and we were all taught in a different way, and even if we were, we are constantly looking at the same thing in a different perspective, in a different way. In english, we were taught that, “Truth is relative and depends on who is telling the story.” Because we see things in a different way, we would act in a different way, the way we usually think that is ‘right’. But the concept of acting right is also different for people.


Friend, Jeffrey. Perspective-hacks. Digital image.Http://www.smallstepsbigchanges.com/. Small Steps Big Changes [SSBC], 12 Oct. 2013. Web. 26 May 2015.

There were lots of cases that in America, the cops killed the African-American people because they thought that they were going to harm them, or were doing illegal things. Some people were even killed when they were not doing any of them.

One of it was the police mistaking a toy gun and killing two African-American victims. You can think of this in 2 perspectives. The cops were afraid of the African-Americans shooting at them because they thought the guns were real. However, you can also think that the African-Americans were just holding toy guns and playing around, and they were not doing any harm.

Another example is when a man robbed from a shop because he was starving to death. If you look at the story from the man’s perspective, it would seem okay because the man had to do it to live. However, if you look at it from the shop which got robbed, stealing is against the laws.

What would you think about bullying? Girl A was being bullied, and changed schools, then the bully, girl B occasionally goes to the new school where girl A is going present. Then girl A bullies girl B at the new school because girl B bullied girl A at the past school. If you were at this school, what would you do? Ask your peers, and the answer of the action will possibly be different.

Just like that, people have a reason why they act the way they act. For the last example, girl A decided to act the way she acted because of her past of being bullied. Just the same way as perspectives, people view history differently.

Persuasive Speech Reflection

Clip #11 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think I didn’t do as well as I wanted to because I stammered a lot of times in the speech. I think I did well on preparing my notes, and objects, but I don’t think I practiced a lot in front of people, and that is why I was nervous. I researched a lot and had it in my head, but I think I didn’t express it well, and that is also because I was nervous. I think I should of re-done it, because I wanted to prepare it better. Also, I think I should have a stronger closing statement, without stammering. When I think about it now, I think I didn’t have a strong hook, and I think I could make a better hook. I looked at my notes too much, and also didn’t put impact in my voice in important parts.

I think I could use persuasive speech in my life now when I need to convince my parents to let me buy something, generally when someone disagrees with me about something, and when I want them to do what I want to do in a fair way. I could also use persuasive speech in the future for when I have a conference for my job for letting me in. I can also use it for voting speeches so that they would elect me like I wanted. Same as now, can use persuasive speech when I disagree with someone, and to make my thoughts and ideas go through fairly.

Personally I think I did well on preparing my speech, I wrote down information and the main idea of what I was saying on my index card, so that I would know what to say. I also think I prepared good for preparing my visual resource (the pictures). However, I didn’t practice in front of people much, and that is why I really got nervous and didn’t notice that I didn’t show my visual resources so that they can see it clearly, and I also didn’t show it when it was the right timing. It is important to prepare your speech well because I if you do not, you will not know what to say, and it is hard to make a good speech on the point. Also, I learned this this time, but I think it is important to practice in front of people so that you will not be nervous, because I only practiced in front of people once, and I was really nervous in the speech. It is important to be able to present your speech well because if your point doesn’t strongly go through to the audience, there isn’t a point presenting your speech. If you have good points and the listener agrees with it, it is usually a good speech, but if it’s a bad speech, the listener wouldn’t agree with your point.

Overall, I think I didn’t do well as I thought and the main reason is that I was too nervous, and to improve this point, from next time I would practice more in front of people so that I wouldn’t be nervous like this time.

Math End of the Year Reflection

I am in grade 7 math class, and Mr. Fedley is my teacher. This semester, our units were ratios, algebra, angles, and statistics. One of the example for statistics is my Blog Post. I think I did well in angles and algebra, and also statistics. I completed and enjoyed going to the Marine Tower. I liked going to the Marine Tower as a field trip. I think I want to focus on math next year is ratios, because I think I am not good at solving ratio problems.