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One of the World’s Most Beautiful Buddhas, Shrine, Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism, Seattle, Washington, USA. Digital image. Flickr. Wonderlane, n.d. Web.

On wednesday, September 24, for the last 3 periods, we went to the auditorium. There, there was a buddhist priest, who was a graduate of YIS. There, we learned about buddhism and we learned about lots of things.

We talked about a lot of things, and also, we shared how we thought and how buddhism people thought.  For example, he asked us, “What does life mean to you?” Since we were in groups, we discussed about in our groups about what we thought, then one person in each group announced what we thought about life. At the end the priest told us how buddhist people are taught.

After that, we tried meditating on the chair we were sitting on. We put our left hand on top of our right hand, palms up, and put our thumbs together. We were told to leave our eyes half open, and looking around our knees. We sat there for about 5 minutes. At the beginning, there was a bell signalising that the meditation begins now, and another at the end.

We also copied the sutra, which is a writing in Chinese, that  buddhist people copy sometimes for peace, or for a prayer. We had a copy on the bottom, so we copied that with a tracing paper.

Copying sutra…

I learned a lot about buddhism that day, for example, the fact that there are lots of ways to meditate, and some buddhist people copy the sutra when they want peace. I enjoyed copying the sutra because I liked making the ink, and I also liked tracing the sutra because it was fun. I think buddhism has effect on our lives because in buddhist countries, they celebrate buddhist festivals, so even if you’re not buddhist,  you have holidays that day, or you can also celebrate it.

My Strength

I did the multiple intelligences test, and I got the results that I am logic and good at math, and I am also good at body movement such as PE and dance and other things, and the third result is that I am a naturalist. I think this is right because I do like math and I think I am not bad at it, I enjoy sports and dancing. I also like nature and animals. I think this is true I think this asks really good and detailed questions. I think this is right for me and I think I found my strengths and weaknesses. I was surprised that I was good at math and logical, because I only thought that I wasn’t bad about it. But I knew that I like exercising because when I was about 3 or 4, I started dance because I liked it. I also like volleyball and basketball. I like playing sports. I also wasn’t surprised at being a naturalist because I like nature from when I was small too. I liked going to parks, and I like playing outside than playing inside. As I said earlier, I was really surprised about being logical because  I only thought that math wasn’t my weak subject, but I never thought that that is my strength, especially when it came up first.


If you want to do this test, please go: Here


When are stereotypes useful?

It is good when you need to act, or need to make a quick decision when you need to do something. I think it is also a type of thing you need to use in life to judge quickly if that person looks nice or not nice, etc.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

I do, because when a cover of a book looks good, I look at the blurb of the book, and also read it, so I do at first, but I only read it if the blurb sounds good and fun to read

Math End of the Year Reflection

I am in grade 7 math class, and Mr. Fedley is my teacher. This semester, our units were ratios, algebra, angles, and statistics. One of the example for statistics is my Blog Post. I think I did well in angles and algebra, and also statistics. I completed and enjoyed going to the Marine Tower. I liked going to the Marine Tower as a field trip. I think I want to focus on math next year is ratios, because I think I am not good at solving ratio problems.

Story of Yokohama

For Humanities, we had a project about The History of Yokohama. We had to do a presentation, and we needed to come up with a question. My question was How did Shopping in Yokohama Change throughout time? I used haikudeck for this project, using the iPad. We went to a field trip around Yokohama, but I couldn’t take many pictures because we didn’t do things about shopping much. I went around Yokohama, and took pictures about it afterwards. For my Presentation, all the pictures I used are the pictures that I took or the ones that my aunt took because she lives in Yokohama. I think the presentation did okay because I don’t think my script was that good, compared to the slides.

One of the slides that I used.

You can look at the presentation HERE.

iPad Reflection

I think the iPad was sort of useful because it had apps like Haikudeck, and Coach’s Eye that was only available on the iPad. I think Haiku Deck was useful because you can see your script, and when you present, the script won’t show to the audience, but you can see it. I used this for my Humanities Presentation of History of Yokohama. I used that because one of my friends said that you can see the script and it won’t show.

I think Coach’s Eye is useful because you can record easily on your iPad, and easily edit it, and you can look at it in slow-motion, and more. You can only do this on a iPad, so I think it was useful than a laptop. I used that for PE because we needed to make one with our throwing for one of our assessment.

What I didn’t like about it was that most of the things we used in school, such as iMovie, google drive was the things that you can do on the laptop. I thought the iPad was useless because you need to bring it to school, when you already have it on your laptop, and I think a laptop can do more things than a iPad.

Story of Yokohama-How shopping changed throughout time

Story of Yokohama, how shopping changed throughout time.

This is China town, and this was made a long time ago. This was popular to daily shopping, but now it is mainly for tourists.

People shop more at Landmark Tower than China Town. It opened on 1993, which is quite recent.

The shopping population Yokohama Shopping Street decreased through time. The shopping street started before World War 2 as a place selling food and daily commodities.

Takashimaya is was built a long time ago, and is still popular. It is one of the buildings that are popular now, but the popularity decreased throughout time.

Another example is Yokohama Station. It was really popular for shopping before, but it isn’t popular now.

Costco opened in October, 2004, which is recent. It is very popular now, and one of the reasons is because it is recent.

The redbrick warehouse is another example of a recent one.

As I said, Chinatown changed a lot during history because first it was for daily shopping, but now it is more for tourists.

I think shopping in Yokohama changed a lot throughout time, even in about the last 50 years.

This was originally made for a presentation. This is the presentation, that I made.