Make your mark

In art, we just finished our unit, “Make your mark.” This unit was about line drawing. Line drawing is about drawing with lines, but only with values, black and white. We practiced the line techniques, such as cross-hatching, hatching, stipple, scumble (cringle),  and more.

photo 1

Practicing different line techniques

photo 2

Practicing on 3-D shapes

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Digital Citizenship

This week is the digital citizenship week. We did a lot of things today.
Digital citizenship basically means to me, how we use technology in a good way. So,we did an activity in tutor class. We needed to take a picture of you doing social network, or something that involves technology, and post it on the internet. I did it with Emma. S, Ayaka, and Lisa.

I took a picture of me skypeing with Lisa. This is the picture.

I’m the one who is on the screen.

Using Ratios To Estimate Sizes

We used ratios to estimate sizes of other things. We did it like this…

1. We measured the ritz box, and it was 19cm.Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.27.59 AM
2. Then we compared it to one of the lockers outside.
3. There were about 4.5 ritz boxes.
4. We made it into a ratio.
Ritz box ->1:4.5<- Locker
5. Then we did the math.
4.5 x 19=85.5
6. After that, we measured the locker. It was 90.2cm.

The ratio we estimated was 1:4.5, and the real ratio was 1:4.75(Rounded)
We did a pretty good estimate using ratios! (Although it was 4.7cm off :P)