My Reflection of Semester 1 Math

What I learned

  • I learned how to get the hypotenuse.
  • More about venn diagrams

What I enjoyed the most

  • We went to the Marine Tower, and estimated the hypotenuse from the top of the marine tower to something, like mount. fuji.  I enjoyed going to marine tower, and going up the tower.

What i didn’t enjoy the most

  • Percentage because I’m not good at it. I can do it, but it is hard for me.

What was the piece of work that you were most proud of?

  • I think I was proud with the test that I took because I got a pretty good grade, and it was higher than I expected.

What I want to improve.

  • I want to improve on percentage, and getting the hypotenuse.
  • I want to improve on my communication.

Reflection on Park Illustration

In art class, were were working on our watercolour painting. We went to the park and sketched and painted our drawings with watercolour. I had fun creating this piece of art work because I like painting with watercolour. 

1. What was your progress made over the Park Illustration unit?

Include research, planning, and artistic techniques studied. Includes detailed, specific examples of your process or work to support your statements.

I think I made a good progress over the unit. First, I reflected on the video about the watercolour drawing, “Tommy Kane”. Then we went to the park near school, and we drew what we saw there. We went inside and we practiced landscape. Then we went outside and did an observational drawing. I think I improved on drawing realistically because of the practice of the placement in class. Then we practiced on watercolour techniques on the watercolour paper and practiced 11 types of drawings. We practiced wash, spatter, salt, 2 wash, cling wrap, experiment, stencil, sponge, drop in, lift off, wet into wet. We coloured the drawing that we thought was better in colour pencil. Then we started on the real drawing of the watercolour paper. I tried using all 11 types of drawings, but I couldn’t do the cling wrap, and I changed my experiment.

My first practice drawing

My landscape practice

Watercolour techniques

Colouring of my best drawing.

My final drawing.

2. How you used feedback to improve your artwork?

I used my feedback by reading it, and asking myself, “What can I do to improve this, and do what the feedback says?” I improved by using more techniques of  watercolour in places that I wasn’t planning. I used 10 watercolour techniques in the drawing. I also thought that I needed to add more texture in the drawing. I added it by using salt a lot in the drawing.

3. If you were going to do this work again, what would you do differently and why?

I think I would use more gradation on lots of places to make it even more realistic with shadows and brightness. I think I should also work on the combination of colours realistically. I think I will work on my placement of objects, even though I improved on it this unit.

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Reflection of Comic Book: Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth 1 changed the world by not being bossy as a queen. She fought the war with her servants, risking herself to die, even if she’s the queen. She also didn’t marry, for herself because her personal experience. She got betrayed by her boyfriend who just wanted money. She also suffered to be the queen because of her step-family and her father. They were very bossy, and she had to live in the corner of the castle. But the main reason was because she really loved England, she wan’t bossy as a queen. I think this world will be very different and bad if she didn’t exist.

Queen Elizabeth

What happens when one country controls another?

If one country tries to control another country, which is also called colonizing, usually a war happens. It is because the people that want to colonize want to take over the country, but the other country does not want the other country to control them. But sometimes, they don’t fight, because they already know that they are going to lose, or something bad is going to happen if you don’t obey them, or they simply just think that it’s better.

The reason why they get into a fight is not just that they want land, but lots of things are connected to that. An example is that they want the resources on the land, and sell it in a high cost. They also want to spread the country and their culture. In most reasons, it is for money, and resources, which also can be money.

When one country controls another, usually the colonized country doesn’t want to be colonized. They want to be free, and it usually isn’t fair to them. So sometimes they want to fight back, but they can’t, or they are afraid to. But sometimes they just like to be colonized. It can be because the country is a disaster, or maybe because it’s just better.

But on the colonizing side, they think it’s better. They can get extra money, they can get resources, they  can make the country their country, and more. They have the right to use their country to set up a base, or they might even use it for war. If they have that country, when a war happens, they can make a flight even closer and it is easier to win the war. They can also use the country as a slave to serve the country.  cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Magnus Akselvoll  cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by ken wilson lee

7th grade art-illustrated Journal

This is my best page of my Visual Journal because I liked how I used a candy wrapper as an frame, and how I used some for the title.

1. What is your process? (How do you work?)
I worked okay because I didn’t pick up things from the trip, and I didn’t use space wisely. I also think I did good with expressing my feelings.

2. What are some skills/techniques you learned in class that you tried in your visual journal? Give examples.

After I did the visual journal, I thought that I should pick up things from the trip, and stick it on to my visual journal. I also think that I should’ve taken pictures so that I can remember the details.

3. What is something you learned that you would like to try in a different assignment?

I want to try looking at the things from the pictures I took, and try drawing with different types. For example, contour drawing, bling contour drawing, realistic drawing.

4. What’s something that was challanging to do/create in the visual journal?

It was challenging to remember the details because I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the trip.

5. If you were going to do this assignment again, what would you do differently?

I would try picking things up, try different drawings, and take pictures so that I can remember the details from the trip.