Casino Games

On Tuesday morning, we went to Casino Games. They gave us 15 coupons at the beginning, and we had to play games to win more coupons. I don’t remember exactly what I played but I kept on losing. When I played a game that you can win 40 tokens, although it is very hard to win, I won. To win, we needed to pick 2 cards that are both odd numbers and the same numbers. It was hard but on the second try, I won 40 coupons. I had 44 coupons at the end. First I kept on losing, so I didn’t fell like losing more, but after I won 40 coupons, I thought it’s worth a try. I also felt very happy after I won 40 coupons. On the first half, I was making a terrible loss, but once I won 40 coupons, I made a huge profit. I made a big profit because when I went to the 40 coupons booth, I had 7 coupons left. On my 2nd try, I won, and I had 45 coupons. After I won, I tried 1 more game and I lost. Playing the Casino Games, I thought that we should play a fair game, or a cheap and a game that you can win lots, even though the probability is low.

Looking at a game and thinking if i should play it.

The whole auditorium looked like this…

After I won 40 coupons

Smart Goals

1) How will you make make a positive impact on the YIS community?

I will work with people that I don’t work with during class. I want to reach this goal because I want to know my friends better. To reach my goal, I will work with a lot of people. I will also play team sports if I can.

2)How will you achieve academic success?

 I want to be better at grammar. I want to reach this goal because I am not good at grammar. I will know if I achieved my goal if I get good scores on grammar than before. To reach the goal, I will practice my grammar.

“Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges”

We had Field Studies and we went to Azumino in Nagano. It was fun and we had opportunities and challenges.

Some of the opportunities was that I got to know my new friends better, and we had fun talking. It was fun when my friends and I sat together, and we were talking a lot and laughing and laughing. It was fun that we got to do a lot of things with our little groups because it was very fun. It was good that we there were also the table tennis and table soccer because it also helped us to know each other better.

Some of  the challenges were sleeping at night because I was too excited to sleep. I was also talking with my friends, so sometimes I got hyper.

Que te gusta?

¡Hola¡ Me llamo Ayano. Soy de Japón. Los sábados y domingos, me gusta jugar deportes y escuchar música. En la escuela, me gusta practicar deportes y hablar con mi amigas. Me gusta comer pizza, pasta y pan. Me gusta beber el refresco y jugo. Mi amiga Emily le gusta jugar al voleibol y escuchar música. Ella no le gusta estudiar. Mi amiga Ayaka le gusta jugar baloncesto y escuchar música. Ella no le gusta estudiar. También ella no le gusta haciendo deberes. Me gusta tocar el piano y bailar. Yo creo que soy atlética y organizada. También soy seria, pero a veces perezosa. Yo tengo el pero negro y ojos negro. Mi amiga Emily tiene pelo castaño y negro, y los ojos negro. También, ella es atlética y organizada. Mi amiga Ayaka tiene pero negro, y los ojos negro. También, ella es muchas artística y atlética.

Reflection about Gr.6 trip 2013

In 6th grade, I went to Fuji Goko as a Graduation Trip. I enjoyed a lot of things, but I had a lot of challenges too.

What did I enjoy?

I enjoyed doing rafting, because it was fun building our raft and trying it our at Fuji Children’s world. I also enjoyed making chikuwa.

What did I do well?

I think I did well on making my chikuwa, even though it was my first time.

What challenges did I face?

A challenge I faced was communicating with my friends when I had a argument with my roommates.

How did I grow?

I think I got stronger, and I got better at communicating with my friends.

What will I do differently this year?

I think I will try more new things, and be a risk taker.

Why is Field Studies an important part of our schooling?

I think it is to have fun, and to become more like one group.