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Tutorial: How to cook tonkatsu/reflection


In Technology for the past 8 weeks in tech, we have been working really hard and planning to produce a tutorial on how to do something. In will also post a reflection about my finished product, my tutorial. Here is my tutorial, I hope you enjoy my tutorial.


Connect: For Connect, my tutorial reached most of the criterias,  My tutorial was easy to understand, One of my criterias that fit my tutorial was my step by step instructions, It was clear and easy for the audience to understand, about what you needed to do in order  to make tonkatsu. My tutorial reached the criteria, tempo and pace, in the tutorial my pace was very good because I talked  slowly and also in a good tempo for my audience to understand the tutorial.

Extended: For Extended, Ms Cofino was a bid help during the process of editing and making the tutorial. She gave us good tips, advice and constructive information. She also asked us questions about our tutorial and how we could make it better and more easier for the audience to watch, she also asked questions that made me think outside the box. It was also hard to edit because I had to think about what music, clips and if I needed to add voice overs.

I watched Shaolun’s and Sayo’s tutorials.

Shaolun had a really good intro, the intro caught my eye and wanted me to watch the tutorial more because the use of vocabulary and the use of text he used to express, his tutorial also had good tempo and steps that made a lot of sense to me. His pace was very good he made pauses, his steps and tips/techniques were good especially about where you should of placed your fingers. Shaolun’s tutorial encouraged me and pushed me to make a interesting intro

Sayo’s had really good voice overs, the voice overs really helped the video, she explained everthing REALLY CLEARLY! I knew how much ingredients you would need and what you needed to do, to make the chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate icecream. Also the music fit the atmosphere, it was very calm and never usually distracted me.

Challenge: For Challenge, I think that the biggest channel for me was to edit and make my tutorial better. During the process of editing my video I had to make decisions about what clips I should of add, what music I needed and if I needed voice overs. The final product was good, my tutorials main strengths were my pace, steady camera, tempo and pace. Overall I think that my editing was really good and I ended up with a good tutorial :).

Please give feedback about my tutorial!


In conclusion my final product was pretty good, I think I reached most of the criterias for my tutorial. If I ever would improve my tutorial, I would turn down the music, I would also try to include a cool introduction to hook and interest the audience to keep on watching my tutorial and I would also improve speaking a tad bit more clearly.

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you have a lovely day or evening :3.



  1. Hey Liam,
    Wonderful tutorial you made!

    I liked how you explained the steps very clearly. That will really help because then the viewer can really understand what you are doing and how to do it. Also, I like how you had tips at the end of some steps. The tips made it easier to do that step in a easier or faster way. Lastly, I really liked how that you had an understandable clear voice. The voice was clearly heard and it was a good volume so the viewer didn’t have to raise the volume and try to adjust and if they did do that it would be making them distracted.

    I learnt that making chicken katsu is quite easy to make and if you follow the steps carefully you can do it easily and good. Also, I learnt that if chicken katsu look good to eat when you cook it right.

    I think that one thing you can improve on is the background music. Sometimes the background music is a bit loud and I also think that maybe you should get a more relaxing music while you are cooking. But other than that, good job on your tutorial!

    From Alex

  2. Hi Liam
    I liked your tutorial.

    I liked the part when you put tips to make the steps easier to do. I liked it when you said the amount of time you do the process specifically. I also liked the camera angle. The camera angle was not in a bad angle. Instead it made the tutorial easy to view.

    I learned that you need to marinate for 30 minutes but if your in a hurry you don’t need to. I also learned that you should cook each side for 3 minutes.

    I think that you did really well on this tutorial. Although I think should improve on one thing which is to speak clearer. I found out that you spoke with many pauses and that made your tutorial a bit harder to understand. But other that that I think that your tutorial was fantastic.

  3. Hi Liam! Your tutorial was great!

    I liked how to put lots of tips for the viewer to make the tutorial more simple and easy to understand.
    I like the camera angle because it was very easy to see the ingredients and items.
    I also like how you made your tutorial detailed and organized.

    I learned that if you put bread crumbs, you can cook faster (I like cooking but I never knew that :P).
    I also learned that marinating the chicken will be better. I thought if you just normally cook, it might be fine but I never knew marinating the chicken will make it better.

    I think you should have included the credits at the end of your tutorial. If that was included I think the tutorial was very nice!

  4. Hi Liam,
    Your tutorial was amazing.

    I have few thing yo say. First of all I like the way how you talked loud and clear so it was easy to understand. Secondly I think that you did well on speeding up the part where you were doing the same process to the chicken instead of us waiting for you to finish covering the chicken. Lastly you didn’t have a disturbing background so we can concentrate on your concept.

    I learned the you can marinate chicken by putting the chicken in the freezer. I also learned how to make tonkatsu.

    Something you can improve on is to show the finishing product in the beginning so that the viewer knows what he/she is watching.

  5. Great job Liam!

    I really like how you had all the ingredients out and you didn’t do all the chicken in the video. I also liked how the camera angle stayed the same for each clip and them got closer to each of the ingredients when it was needed. Another thing I liked was that it was easy to follow and you also gave some tips.

    I learned that if you are in a rush to do something then do not marinate the chicken since it would take to long. I also learned that if you want to check if the pan is hot enough sprinkle on some bread crumbs.

    I think that the music was a bit loud at points and you could hear the frying pan bubbling which was also noisy but overall it was very good.

  6. Hey Liam!

    I liked your tutorial a lot. I’m really surprised with the topic you chose for your tutorial. It’s great to make chicken katsu.

    I liked how you formally explained each step very clear and reasonable for the viewers.That helps because then the viewers can really understand what you are doing and how to do it exactly. Also, I like how you had specific advices telling how to make things easier to do that in a quicker way. The last thing I liked about your tutorial is how that you talked in a hearable voice. The voice was clearly heard to my ears and it was a perfect volume so the viewer didn’t have to raise the volume and adjust to a better volume.

    When I finished watching the tutorial, I learned that making chicken katsu is pretty easy to make if you follow along the steps usually. Also, I learned that when chicken katsu is made in the right way, it can look very delicious.

    I think that your tutorial could improve on the backround music. I think it’s too lound and doesn’t make your voice stand up. It should be a little more comforting and should be something that matches with a cooking tutorial.

    But overall, I think it was amazing. The chicken katsu looked super yummy. I really wanted to try it. Your tutorial was great!

  7. Hi Liam
    Your tutorial was so yummy!

    I think you did great with putting the tips on the sides so it will help for the people who are watching the tutorial but at the same not in the way. Secondly I liked the camera angle I think it was very easy to see how the steps are working. And at last I think you did very good putting the tip saying “don’t hurry” on the fridge part.

    I learned that you don’t need a lot of ingredient to make it. I also learned that it good to cook each side for 3 minutes!

    Over all I think your tutorial was great! But if i had to tell you an advise, maybe you could of fixed the background song, I think it could of gone a little bit lower when you were talking because it was kind of distracting me when I was listening to your step. Well as I said your tutorial was AWESOME!

  8. Hey liam
    I loved your tutorial it was great.
    I liked how you added fitting music to your tutorial. This is good because it doesn’t distract the viewers. I also liked how you explain things so clearly to every step. Last but not least I liked how it was so easy to make and that you chose a easy but also very tasty thing too make.

    I learned from your tutorial that if you add breadcrumbs at the top of the chicken it will be crispy. Another thing I learned is that cooking is not as hard as I though.

    One thing you could do is turn the background music lower. Even thought it was fitting I think you could improve on that. Overal it was one of the best tutorials. You did awesome.

  9. Superstar! I’m so glad I was helpful to you during the process of creating your tutorial 🙂 It’s awesome to read about the ways that other students inspired you to continue to improve your tutorial too! I hope you keep making more tutorials, Liam, you are a natural!

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