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June 16, 2014
by 20barclayl

Humanities Silk Road Building

Hey Readers!

For Humanities, I built a small town of people who lived in Xian, I am still making a temple but It’s almost complete! I have made a farm (carrot, potato and sugarcane!) I also made a stable for mules and horses! I have a restaurant (multicolored)!

– Liam!

June 15, 2014
by 20barclayl

Drama Reflection – Movie Trailer

Hello readers, today i’m going to reflect about our movie trailers we have been doing in drama class this semester, I have really enjoyed making the movie trailer with David, Emilee and Amelia. My job in the movie trailer was the narrator!

The genre our group did was horror,We called the Swing! We made a trailer about a haunted playground, in the haunted playground there was a little girl who was sitting on a swing for 8 hours :O,  beside that Amelia and David were having a hangout, Amelia greeted David and asked him to come upstairs. Then things started to get tense, the girl on the stool was still there! Amelia and David got freaked out and called Emilee who later came to the house and asked both of them what was happening……………………………..

My strengths were doing the deep impressions of the narrator was good, sometimes I messed up, but I eventually got use of the quote/sentence, I also had a clear voice and good tempo during my narration part of the movie trailer.

My weakness is that I never added anything to the script but I added quite a bit in the information sections about our movie ( What it was about, Genre, Characters) and searched for a few horror story ideas. Next time in drama I will improve on participating on the script more.

Thank for reading my post today! Have a good morning or a good evening :D! (I Know I haven’t post that much lately :/)




May 1, 2014
by 20barclayl

Drama Reflection

Last week in drama we did a speech about the most important person in our life. We had a selection of our family, friends, teachers and neighbors. I choose my dad. I hope you enjoy today’s post :D.

6A Drama Person Speech04 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

My introduction was interesting, I gave the audience a hit of who I was going to talk about. I first talked about my sister then my mom and finally my dad. I also used words and adjectives to describe my sister, mom and dad.

My modulation was good, when I proof watched the video, I could of heard myself really clearly. My pace and tempo was good I talked slowly and gave usual pauses for them to think about my dad.

The Structure of my speech was alright, I told the audience about who I was going to talk about first, I gave facts and why I picked my dad for being the most important person in my life and then lastly I gave a conclusion about my dad and what  affect and attitude.

My facts and information about my dad was good, I told the audience about how he has helped and what he has done that changed my life.

I could improve on not swaying side to side in the video because I was constantly moving  side to side throughout the video. I also would also like to improve on not mucking up my words, in order that to not mess up my words, I will need to practice more and be more fluent  with my words and vocabulary.

My Strongest strength was modulation because I spoke clearly and in a good pace for the audience to understand what I was saying, even though I made a few mistakes, I think that modulation was my best strength throughout the speech.

I hope you have enjoyed! Have a good evening or a good day :3.

April 30, 2014
by 20barclayl

Art Reflection

Hello guys today i’m going to show you my art piece of my sister. In the last 13 weeks of art class we have been working hard on a portrait of someone.

Photo on 4-25-14 at 2.27 PM #2


Here is the picture of my sister!

I decided to paint the background orange and red (mixed together), I painted the background in layers, brightest to darkest the brightest side of the painting I painted with only one layer, the middle with 2 layers of paint and the darkest layer with 3 layers of paint.

I painted icons around the backgrounds, this indicated my sisters like’s and passions. I drew a cartoony version of my sister and painted her dress purple. The icons in the background made the art piece more fun and eye catching to look at.

I think I could improve on by adding more of my sisters likes, such as swimming and art. I also should of went to open studio to make my portrait of my sister, so it would not looked rush and would been more through.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you have a lovely day or evening :3.


March 13, 2014
by 20barclayl

Drama- Practice Speech

Hello readers,

Lately in drama class, we have been focusing on speeches. We have been taught how to hook the audience and how to make our speech better, so basically in this post I will be talking about the good things and the bad things about my speech. Also I will I hope you guys enjoy todays post.

My Practice Speech above:

I did a good job for my first speech. I had good content and facts about the premier league, when it was created, how I got into it and I told some interesting facts. I think that crowd were entertained about the premier league and at the end of the speech they had some knowledge about my passion.

My modulation was good because I could hear my self quite loudly after proof watching, I also had pretty good pace during my speech. I like how I started my speech with a really interesting fact.

I also think I used my hand gestures well during my speech, but sometimes I used them a bit too much, but at times I used them for some good times, while I was telling some good facts.

I could improve on not always repeating “I love the premier league” because I am pretty sure it got the audience bored, I could of used other words instead of ” I love the premier league”.  I also could improve not swaying too much during the speech, so the audience doesn’t get distracted and I could forgot what to say.

The best part about my speech was the content and the facts about my practice speech. I used a good use of knowledge and facts to express about how much I love about the premier league. I think I told very interesting facts to the audience about the premier league, so overall I think the content and facts were the best part about my speech.

Afiq’s Speech:

Afiq appealed  to me the most because of his content and pace. Afiq did a good job about his pace and modulation. I could of heard him very clearly, because he was pausing while asking us a question to think about. He was really easy to understand because of his tone and pace. His content was very clear about how his passion started and what has happened over the years while playing badminton.

Afiq could improve on not swaying from side because it was distracting and also made him forgot his words he was meant to say. He also could improve on using his hand gestures  because all he was doing throughout the speech when I was proof watching, his hands were in the same position. He also could improve on memorizing his script, so he wouldn’t stutter during his speech.

The best thing about Afiq’s speech was his tone. Throughout the speech he was very solid and his tone was great because I could here him very clearly. Overall Afiq did a great job during his speech, but could improve on some minor things

I hope you guys have enjoyed my speech and have a great day or evening :3.



March 9, 2014
by 20barclayl

Why Do We Tell Myths?

Hello readers today i’m going to be talking about myths and why I think we humans tell myths.

Why do we tell myths? Let’s go and find out.  I think why we tell myths is because is to tell people not to do bad things and do the good things, to keep us disiplin and behave well, their has been myths connected to things about disiplin and behaving well I.E ” Don’t lie or a devil will scare you”. Myths have been pass down from generations and generations to our relatives to tell to their kids. Another reason why we tell myths is tell people how things were created, like for example days of the weeks and months etc. We tell myths to tell people how things were invented, and also in a camp fire, we tell myths   to teach someone a new thing of importance, to pass down knowledge of what you know about myths or just for entertainment.

Here is my favorite myth:

The Hydra which lived in the swamps near to the ancient city of Lerna in Argolis, was a terrifying monster which like the Nemean lion was the offspring of Echidna (half maiden – half serpent), and Typhon (had 100 heads), other versions think that the Hydra was the offspring of Styx and the Titan Pallas. The Hydra had the body of a serpent and many heads (the number of heads deviates from five up to one hundred there are many versions but generally nine is accepted as standard), of which one could never be harmed by any weapon, and if any of the other heads were severed another would grow in its place (in some versions two would grow). Also the stench from the Hydra’s breath was enough to kill man or beast (in other versions it was a deadly venom). When it emerged from the swamp it would attack herds of cattle and local villagers, devouring them with its numerous heads. It totally terrorized the vicinity for many years.
Heracles journeyed to Lake Lerna in a speedy chariot, and with him he took his nephew and charioteer Iolaus, in search of the dreaded Hydra. When they finally reached the Hydras’ hiding place, Heracles told Iolaus to stay with the horses while he drew the monster from its hole with flaming arrows. This brought out the hideous beast. Heracles courageously attacked the beast, flaying at each head with his sword, (in some versions a scythe) but he soon realized that as one head was severed another grew in its place. Heracles called for help from Iolaus, telling him to bring a flaming torch, and as Heracles cut off the heads one by one from the Hydra, Iolaus cauterized the open wounds with the torch preventing them from growing again. As Heracles fought the writhing monster he was almost stifled by its obnoxious breath, but eventually, with the help of Iolaus, Heracles removed all but one of the Hydras’ heads. The one remaining could not be harmed by any weapon, so, picking up his hefty club Heracles crushed it with one mighty blow, he then tore off the head with his bare hands and quickly buried it deep in the ground, placing a huge boulder on the top. After he had killed the Hydra, Heracles dipped the tips of his arrows into the Hydras’ blood, which was extremely poisonous, making them deadly.
Other versions say that while Heracles fought the Hydra the goddess Hera sent down a giant crab which attacked his feet). This legend comes from a marble relief dating from the 2nd century BCE found at ancient Lerna, showing Heracles attacking the Hydra, and near his feet is a huge crab. Also other legends say that a stray arrow set alight the forest, and it was the burning trunks which Heracles ripped up and used to cauterize the open wounds.

I hope you guys have enjoyed today’s post!

February 25, 2014
by 20barclayl

What Makes A Great Teacher?

Hello readers, today I will be posting a post about our new unit question “what makes a great teacher” I will be making points and using explanations to tell you what makes a great teacher. I hope you guys enjoy this post 😀


What makes a great teacher?

To become a good teacher in tutorials you will know how to use a various amount of editing softwares to get your clips from and to add effects and cut certain things out of the clip to make the perfect tutorial. Secondly you will need to know how to speak in a good tempo and pace for the audience to listen too. Thirdly you will also need to know how to make good camera angles. This will make the tutorial more interesting and will show what the final product of the item/object looks like in different angles. Also what will make your tutorial good is that if you are doing something that will take forever to do, you could speed up the video and put some music in the background.

The unit fits the best with approaches to learning because learning how to use technology, how to edit and add effects would be very helpful for us in our future.  Also why it is connected to the unit is because to become a good tutorial maker you must know how to speak and teach people, that’s why I think this fits best with the unit.

Hope you guys enjoyed todays post, hope you guys have a good day or good evening. BYE 😀 

February 16, 2014
by 20barclayl

Showcase Portfolio

Hello readers today I will be posting a post about Showcase portfolio. We have a student led conference on the 20th of Thursday. I hope you guys enjoy my post today


Humanities, I was knowledgeable in our early humans talk. I told good facts about early humans lifestyle and what they ate during their lifespan. I used good vocabulary and facts about early humans lives. Overall I think I did very well in the that unit of early humans. Link to my work that i’m proud of.


Science, I was knowledgeable. During our heating ice unit, I was knowledgeable in my matter test, the good thing I did was revise and think that’s what really helped me during this test and unit. I answered the questions with depth, I was really proud of my explanations

English, I was a thinker. During our unit of story opening, I did very well at my story opening. I think what made the difference was that I thought about what i was going to write more. I was very proud of my paragraphs and how they were set, I also used good adjectives to describe items/objects throughout my story opening. Overall I’m very proud of what I have done/achieved. Link to work

P.e, I was open-minded. During our unit of basketball, I was open-minded by giving people tips and encouraging them. I also participated well in class when Ms. Clark asked us questions, I also gave good ideas in our P.e class. Overall I am very happy with what I have done this unit in P.e.

Tutor, i was open-minded. I was open minded by answering questions and participating in class. When We wen back to school after winter break we had to make a blog post about 2013 and look back and set new goals for the new year 2014. I think i did very well, I added what I have achieved in 2013 and set new goals with depth. Overall I think this blog post/google doc was good.

Japanese, I was a communicator. In Japanese this unit we have had a lot of oral test so far, but their’s one i’m the most proud of. I was very proud of the one where I had to talk about my friends infront of the whole class. What I think I did well was being clear and telling my class key facts of my friend. Overall I think I did very well explaining about my friend.

Drama, I was a communicator. In Drama this unit we have been mainly focusing on role-plays and improvisation. We had to pair up into groups and create a scene. I was good becoming a communicator in drama, because I got use to helping and learning from people. What i’m proud of this semester is our improvisation scene. That me, Rei, Ryan and James did.

Maths, I was a inquire. In Maths this unit of area, I have been really interested in our area, we done things about our hand and very shortly are going to be measuring things in schools. This has helped me get more skillful in maths and I have been more curious. Overall I have done very well.

Humanities, I was also a thinker. We had a unit about natural disasters , We had to write about Typhoon Haiyan. I was proud about my work I added good facts and what happened in the Philippines and what the typhoon caused. I had to think about what I was going to write. I think I used good adjectives and facts to describe my paragraph. Overall I’m very happy with my work right now.

I could improve on being more of a thinker in art, I should think about what I should sketch than just start sketching. This would improve my skills and I would have more of an idea of what i’m drawing.

I could also improve on being more balanced, In subjects because I sometimes get distracted during subjects if I use the computer for things such as, essays, information, so I would like to improve on being more balanced.

I could improve on being more open-minded in Drama, I will improve by participating more. I need to become more knowledgeable with drama and the units, such as improvisation.

Thank you guys for reading my hope you guys have a good day or weekend. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post. Sorry for not posting daily but I will try to. We just have so much homework :/







January 20, 2014
by 20barclayl

January Goal Settings

What important things happened in your personal life or school life in the last year?

Coming to a different school and making new friends in YIS.. Changing from playing to a Centre Defender to Playing as a Defensive Mid in Football “soccer”.

What was good or special about it?

It was good because, I adapted to Japan and my new school pretty quickly. It was good to change my position to Defensive mid because I preferred playing in that type of position more than a centre defender.

How did you grow or change?

In football I changed by creating more chances and having more shots than I use to have.

How did your life change?

My life actually didn’t change.

Did you learn anything or decide anything that was really important?

 I never learnt anything I just was happy to change positions

Did you go anywhere or do anything that was really important or interesting? etc.

It was interesting that I went to Hokkaido and went skiing. (after 2 years of not skiing)

Here are A few goals that I would like to aim for this year 😀

Goal Number 1: Cook More Often

This goal is important to me because recently I haven’t been cooking as often as I used to do, so I would like to cook more often the benefits of achieving this goal are making myself more relaxed and enjoying my passion I would like to achieve this goal by the 10th of February. The steps I will take to achieve this goal are will just to cook more often, every weekend to start it off.

Goal Number 2: Work Harder In School

This goal is important to me because so I can get even better grades than last semester The benefits of achieving this goal are so in the future more doors open to me so I can choose from a variety of jobs. 😀 I would like to achieve this goal by By the end of the year.  The steps I will take to achieve this goal are ,work harder in subjects and just try really hard in subjects.

Goal Number 3: Score goals and assist for my football club

This important so I can help my team win more games and aswell score and assist for them. The benefits of achieving this goal are that I will help my team get better also for myself and give them motivation. I would like to achieve this goal by the end of the year. The steps I will take to achieve this goal are will just to work hard and play hard during training and matches. 😀


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