SLC Portfolio

SLC Portfolio

Communication:    Japanese and Spanish Class

In Japanese we have to work with groups and individually for different projects and assignments. Doing this has helped me learn the new language as well and learn how to work with different people in groups. Spanish class also has helped me boost my communication skills because again, we do many group projects and we have to speak to the class. The video below is one of the most recent assignments in Spanish class. We had to make a video of ourselves talking to someone else.

Japanese Language Class:Japanese Assignments

Spanish Language Class:Spanish Conversation

Social Skills: Drama, Tutor and PE

Drama: In Drama we have to work with all sorts of people. The assignments we do often include more than one other person. If you don’t learn how to work with people in different circumstances, it will be harder later in life because with any job you get, you will have to work with other people. In Physical Education (P.E.) You have to have good social skills because every project we do is in a team. This is one of the projects that we did in Drama. We got into random groups and had to come up with an elevator scene. In tutor we often work in groups or pairs. You have to contribute to the group to complete the tasks we are given. You have to work with all sorts of different people.

Drama: Elevator Scene PE: Recent PE Project Tutor: Tutor Blog Post

Self Management: Math and English

Math and English have both taught be to have better self management. These two classes let you work on homework in class but if you don’t manage yourself correctly, you will have lots of work to do at home. Instead of talking to the person next to me, I have learned to work hard in class so I don’t have work to do at home. If I still have some work to do later, I do it when I get home so I don’t forget about it and it ends up being a late assignment. The essay below is about a book we read earlier. We had to write it on our own time which means we had to manage our time ourselves.

English:  English Essay    Math: Math Project

Research Skills: Science, Design and I&S

In Individuals and Societies ( I&S ) and Science you have to do a lot of research. We work a lot on our own so you have to know how to research correctly and effectively. During this Semester, We have had to do a lot of research for example, we had to make an infographic about a place of our choice. We were given the instructions and let go. I had to research all about Mumbai so I could put the correct information for other people to see. We recently finished a Metals and Acids bike frame project. We had to research the best metals to use for each certain bike and which one would work best in the weather. In Design class we had to make an animation for a cause. We had to look into the cause and research it so you could understand what you were making the animation about.

I&S: I&S Infographic     Design: Design Animation    Science:Science Project

Thinking Skills: Japanese Music and Art

In my Japanese Music class we have to come up with our own song including lyrics, a melody, and three instruments. It has to be unique to you own group. With this project you really have to think because the only thing you are given is a staff paper to write down your music. This just gets you mind thinking more than it would if you were given more to go off of. Art is another example of thinking skills. In art class you have to make your own individual pieces of art. You can’t copy off  your neighbors idea. You get to be creative and artistic in this class. The photos below are the most recent art projects we have done, the link below is one of our recent Japanese Music worksheets.

Japanese Music: Japanese Music Worksheet





  1. In Japanese Music I want to practice more and stay on top of the practice sheets.

  2. I am going to study and get higher grades on my Science tests.

  3. In Drama I am going to be more enthusiastic with the assignments   

Bicycle Frames

Do you love biking? Fast, smooth, and strong frames are important for racing. Should you buy Aluminium? Steel? Titanium? Or a Carbon Fiber frame?  Carbon fiber is expensive but lasts, Titanium is strong but heavy, and Aluminium Alloy is cheap but rigid. Steel is strong but can also be very heavy. Michelle Arthurs-Brennan from London Cyclist says, “Very high grade steel can be quite light – but to make it so, it needs to be thin, and that means handmade”. In conclusion, carbon fiber is the best material for racing bike frame. This is because carbon fiber has a life expectancy of up to 6  years of everyday use and it is light and easy to ride. It is one of the more expensive options, but for a race bike you need a light strong frame. Carbon Fiber has all necessary needs and more for a perfect racing bike.