Spanish 9 Goals

I have 3 goals for Spanish this year:

First, I want to learn more vocabulary so I can understand conversations better. The more vocabulary I know the easier it will be to speak and understand the language. I hope to do this by listening in class to learn new words and also study hard.

I would also like to be able to have a basic conversation with anyone – meaning I can introduce myself, tell them about me and ask about them with proper grammar and tense (past/present/future) I think ┬áby speaking to other people often, I will become more confident with speaking. This goal ties in with the first goal because the more vocabulary I know the better a conversation I can have with other people.

My last goal is to learn about past present and future tense. To learn how to change the format or grammar of the sentence depending on the tense it is in. Then I can correctly say what and when I am going to do. This will help with the other two goals because knowing this can help me have a basic conversation and I can learn the different vocabulary and tie them in with the different tense.