Spanish Unit 1 Reflection


I feel very confident about Unit 1. I did very well on the listening and oral assessments. My week points were mostly in the writing and reading assessments. In the oral area of the unit I did very well speaking fluidly and with complete sentences. But I need to work on adding more of the unit grammar, taking risks by adding new words so I can learn from my mistakes. This is the opposite in my writing section of the assessments. I had a good idea of the unit but I had mistakes in the unit grammar and did very simple sentences that I did could have done before the unit – this shows that I didn’t show what I had learned. I need to take more risks, and know that it’s OK to make a mistake.

I did very well in the reading and listening area of unit 1. I understand the grammar and vocabulary of the unit and correctly answer questions about what I read or listened to. I need to work on using what I learned in the listening and reading assessments and tie them into my oral/speaking area. I learned a lot of new vocabulary and could use them while writing or answering questions but I did not use what I learned in my speaking assessments.

For the rest of semester one, my goal is to be able to speak and write with fluency and completion. I can do this by further improving my skills of what I have learned in unit one.  To further improve my skills in unit one, I need to continue practicing what I have learned. I need to start talking to others and writing so I don’t lose what I have learned as we move on to a new unit.


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