United States and Swaziland

     The United States is very different than Swaziland. For example, the life expectancy in The United Sates is much longer than in Swaziland. As of 2012 the average human being in America lived until they were 79. At that same time, the life expectancy in Swaziland was only 49.The infant birth rate for both countries stayed about the same up until 2012.  But there was one point where the life expectancy for both countries were nearly the same. In 1817, United states claimed war and entered the first World War. 1917-1918 the life expectancy dropped down to 47 years old! That is almost the same as Swaziland in 1918 who was at 32 years average. For being a much larger and more developed country, this was a huge drop for the United States. 

     The GDP Per Capita grew for both countries, but more so for the United States. That is not very surprising since Swaziland is a much less developed country, causing the GDP per capita to be lower than the more developed country. The HDI (Human Development Index)  grew for both countries which is not surprising because the HDI measures the overall achievement of the country. Swaziland was around 5.3 out of 10 in 2008 and United States at 6.7 out of 10 in 2008. Over the years nearly every country becomes at least a bit more developed causing it to have more achievement which causes a higher HDI.

     The fertility rate for the United States was 1.9 in 2011 while Swaziland dropped down to 3.5 in 2011 starting at 5.7 in 1990. That is a huge change but is probably cause by the under development of the country. The children morality rate in Swaziland is devastating. In 1990 it was measured that about 71/1000 children under 5 died per year increasing to 85 out of 1000 children in 2011. The united states started at only 15/1000 children dying under 5 per year but as the years grew, the number dropped to only 7.5 average. They do not have the literacy rate of the United States as of now but in Swaziland it improved up to 85% of the average adults (15+) can read up to an 8th grade level. There are more and more schools being built n every country, allowing people to get an education.

     The United States had the better end of the results 99% if the time. The reason for this is because the United States is a much more developed country, causing it to have more resources and allowing it to gain money and become more developed. That way more children live, creating a larger population. Swaziland has a smaller population so they cannot earn as much money because there are not as many people to earn the money. There are health issues and no medical help because the people are undereducated ( but slowly getting better ).  The United States is an MEDC (more economically developed country) while Swaziland is a LEDC (Less Economically Developed Country). 

My Religion

I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) or what most people know us as, Mormon.

Religion is a huge influence in my everyday life. I go to church every Sunday, and pray and read my scriptures daily. We also have weekly activities on Wednesday. I was baptized when I was 8 years old. We believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God and also the Bible as long as it is translated correctly. As a Mormon, we celebrate Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the birth of Christ while Easter is the Death and resurrection.  Our family back to my great great great great grandparents believe and live this religion.  When you are 14 can go to seminary, a class everyday before or after school to learn more in depth about our religion.

Being in this religion has changed my life for the better. I’m so glad I can be LDS because of all the experiences I have had. We have no specified clothing for the religion but we do wear dresses for church and we wear modest clothing,

To get married the couple goes to the temple and is married inside. We don’t drink Alcohol, tea (only herbal) we don’t smoke or do drugs.