Bicycle Frames

Do you love biking? Fast, smooth, and strong frames are important for racing. Should you buy Aluminium? Steel? Titanium? Or a Carbon Fiber frame?  Carbon fiber is expensive but lasts, Titanium is strong but heavy, and Aluminium Alloy is cheap but rigid. Steel is strong but can also be very heavy. Michelle Arthurs-Brennan from London Cyclist says, “Very high grade steel can be quite light – but to make it so, it needs to be thin, and that means handmade”. In conclusion, carbon fiber is the best material for racing bike frame. This is because carbon fiber has a life expectancy of up to 6  years of everyday use and it is light and easy to ride. It is one of the more expensive options, but for a race bike you need a light strong frame. Carbon Fiber has all necessary needs and more for a perfect racing bike.