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In our tech lessons we have been learning about how we can make a successful blog. First Mrs Cofino asked us how much we know about making a blog. after she examined what we knew she asked us to look at different blogs that she had put on her blog and make a list on what things made the blog look neat, attractive and interesting.  In the next class we made a brainstorm for what we wanted are blog to be about. I think we did this because we already know ways to make are blog neat and attracting and to know what are blog is about. It is important to know what your blog is going to be about.

In my blog I want to share my adventures through all my travels that I am going to have and to share daily things that happen in my life.  I will also put posts about what I learn in my classes science, humanities e.g. I hope My blog represents myself and the things I do so I can share what I do with other people, I also hope that my blog will be good enough for all the criterias.

When we researched on the blogs Mrs Cofino recommended eventually as a class we decided which things should be in  a blog.

I thought these things are very important,

1.  Easy to read and have good contrast.

2.  Staying on topic, and being interesting.

3.  Post Daily

4. Catogories

In are blog research we learned that  the words should be easily read. We also need to have good contrast, which means that there shouldn’t be just one color but not 50 colors,for example maybe just red, green and blue. You should also make sure that all your posts are interesting and related to what blog is about. Finally your blog should have a pictures. But be careful you don’t just want picture in your posts you should have some text as well. you should also upload posts weeklyI think that one of the most important thing about a blog that you have everything look neat, for example if you didn’t have  categories and if someone wanted to find something on your blog or wanted to revisit one of your post in a hurry they would not be able to. If you make categories  it will be a lot easier for people in the world to find thing in your blog. another thing that I think is important is about how and what you write in your posts.  you don’t want to write TOO casually but don’t make it academic

Overall I think the way I am going to make a successful blog is by making sure other people can read and understand all my posts, having my posts organised by using categories. I think that you can’t always update your blog, but you shouldn’t leave your blog alone for long, otherwise people will really get bored. I am going to approach this by not just putting random posts that are really boring. If I have lots of things that happen to me that are interesting then I will post them, if not then I wait until something does happen. If I go on holiday I will probably take a break on blogging and when I come back make a post about what I did. I am going to make sure I have pictures in my posts by taking pictures of my travels myself and whenever I do anything.  I am going to make sure I have good contrast by finding colours that fit together.


  1. Awesome! You have tons of ideas for how to meet your three criteria! I love that you’re planning to include lots of posts about what you do outside of school too, like your adventures and your holidays.

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