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December 5, 2013
by 20battyr

Create Reflection

I think that my blog is almost perfect. Though there are a few touches that I would make. So far Mrs Cofino has helped us make are widgets organized, Menu bar, themes and categories.  And that has helped me make my blog look a lot better.  But I am mostly happy about the way my blog has been laid out.

So far I am happy about my theme. When I was creating my blog I wanted a theme that had a big header image.  I found the them I wanted with yoko. The main reason why I wanted a big header image is because I wanted people to see some of my favorite buildings in full detail. But if there was anything I would not be happy about it would be a the widgets. They are good enough, but I really wish they could be on both sides.


Probably the  thing I am most confident about my blog is the whole upper level of my blog. E.g Menu, Header image, Title, tagline, etc. I really like it because the header image really shows my interest in going to places. I am also very proud about my title. I like it because it is not boring, but it is not too informal.

If there was anything I would like to have on my blog it would be a background. So far my Blog looks pretty white.  Finally I want my name on the header image. ( yes I know how to do it, but it wont upload if I do).

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