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January 15, 2014
by 20battyr
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My Favorite Tutorial


In Technology class we investigated on how to make a tutorial. We looked at 3-5  tutorial and wrote about what we learned from the tutorial, what was good and what was bad. My favorite tutorial was How to Make a Ninja Star


 There a few outstanding thing in this tutorial. First he though he did not talk he was very descriptive by showing us up close what we needed to do. For example showing us exactly where we needed to start are folds. Secondly he didn’t block the view. This is important because it helps the audience see what he is doing. Thirdly he gave us lots of time, And not just by doing nothing, he effectivly folded, but took his time. This is important because it means the audience can keep up while he is making it. Fourthly he showed us the finished project at the beginning and at the ending. This is important because we already know what it is going to look like and realize when we made a mistake a lot faster.  Finally he had good contrast with the background and what he was making. This is important because it makes it easy for the viewer to see. 

I learned how to fold effieciently, but this time how to connect two pieces of paper by making places to slip things into.  This can help me because if I want to make something similiar or if I want to make something that requires you to connect two pieces of paper I already know how. Also I learned that this video also shows that talking won’t always help you explain things. For example, if you are making the object really far away or not very clearly, the audience can not see what you are doing while you explain it. When I make a tutorial I will use this technique.


January 14, 2014
by 20battyr

January Goal Settings

In January I had a look back on 2013 and I thought about what I had done.  I thought about all the places I went to like Russia, Taiwan, Cambodia, etc. When I look back on them I thought about how they impacted my life. It made me understand the world about me and went to places that are poor and others which are rich beyond imagination. This really made me expand my thoughts on  how not everywhere was like Japan. But this year I decided something that I should try to work on. I created  three goals for this year. My first goal was to take charge of my possessions. This goal was important because it helps me take charge of my life and not having to rely on other people. One thing I can do to start doing my goal is to check whenever I move from one place to another. A Good reason to start working on this goal is that I wont lose anything valuable. My second goal was to be independent. Being independent helps me because it means All my work is my responsibility and I don’t rely on other people. A step I want to take to complete these goals are trying to not ask to many questions and if I ask a question it is useful. The benefits of this goal is that I get to do my own thing. My third goal is to get better at math. This is important to me because I want to pass my exams and try to be able to use this skill more efficiently. A step I am going to take to do this goal is doing a practice math test every weekend. Some benefits of this goal is that I can be better at calculating and my assessments.







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January 11, 2014
by 20battyr


Hi guys! This post will explain some of the new updates from Christmas – now.

First of I finally got an Ipod touch! hurray.

Now moving on to tv shows. Did you guys see The time of the doctor? If you didint I will leave a the trailer in the end of the post. And if you don’t know the time of the doctor is a special long episode of the worldwide tv show Doctor who. For my winter break I went to England. It was great. I went to hampstead, I went to hampstead to see my sister and her husband and dog. It was really fun. Spam up the comments and tell me what you did for your vacation.


P.S Happy new year!



January 7, 2014
by 20battyr

Houses in the Swamp Forests: Minecraft

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.18.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.19.34 PM

Define the biome and its climate. What makes it different from other biomes?

The biome we (Ryan & Shea) studied was a freshwater swamp forest . It is very humid, has lots of small water sources. It is slightly compact but still lets light through. They normally occur near rivers or lakes. A freshwater swamp forest is a jungle flooded over making almost a swamp.


Photo From Flickr

Describe the biome’s plant and animal life. How have the plants and animals adapted to fit the biome.

In the freshwater swamp forest there are frogs,Piranhas, Sharks, lizards, snakes, crocodiles, monkeys, bugs, birds, Ferns,Vines and many more  undiscovered.  Many of the animals in the amazon adapt really well. For example,  The crocodiles camouflage  their skin to their surroundings. This means they can find prey very easily. Plants in the Amazon have adapted in many ways. Because of the hard beating rain the soil does not get lots of nutrients. This means that the plants can not afford the additional threat of insects, so the plants have made many strategies to defend themselves against bugs.

List some good examples of places where this biome is found on the Earth.


Eastern Congolian swamp forests

Niger Delta swamp forests

Chao Phraya swamp forests


Describe – What real buildings are good examples of traditional life in this biome? Who built them and when? (add some pictures and sources if possible)

The biome we studied was a  swamp forest. In the Amazon some parts of the forests get flooded. The traditional Amazonian lives in houses of all sorts depending on the location they are in. We dont know who designed these buildings or when that person designed them, because, well this is the amazon we are talking about and it is hard to find out these things (mainly because the amazonians were not recorded history books).

Explain – what features of the building show that the people adapted to live in that particular biome?

One of the main features of the type of  amazonian buildings that we selected is that they are on stilts and/or the are on water and have docs. They use stilts because they want to keep certain animals away like snakes, and/or they have a dock for the same reason we have garages (instead of driving they use canoes to travel long distances).




Overall I think my house looks as if it adapts to the environment.  I thought it was fun creating building using mine craft. But I would probably prefered if we could have build something more historical like greek and roman architecture.  I think it is important to understand how people adapt to different climates so that they can survive. Though there are not any pictures of a round hut, I asked my partner who studied the amazon and he assured me that there were round huts. I think I could not have done this without my partner Shea Tanaka, And I really appreciate his help.


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