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February 22, 2014
by 20battyr

What Makes a Great Teacher

In the next part of Teachers of the future we needed to think about what makes a great teacher. Here is what I think you need to have to be a great teacher.

To be a great teacher you need to be very understanding, helpful, clear,enthusiastic and patient. You need these features because you need to understand how the student is,how to be helpful to students if they need help, be very clear when teaching, and enthusiastic so that the students don`t get bored and finally be patient if the student does not understand something.

I think the area of interaction that suits this unit is community and service. I think the area of interaction is Community and service because we are trying to teach people using the internet. We also trying to help are community by teaching people. This fits with the questions of community and service, which are the following.

How can we contribute to are community

How can we help others

Or Approaches to learning

It really fits with approaches to learning because we are trying to experiment on how to communicate and how you can use what you know/information to others. It also one of the questions for approaches to learning really fits with are part of the cycle Evaluate.

February 11, 2014
by 20battyr

Tutorial Investigation Reflection

In Tech class we having been studying ways to create a awesome tutorial. We have been analyzing many tutorials, some that we have chosen and others that are friends  chose. Then we made are own tutorial so we could contrast and compare our tutorials with are favorite tutorials.

My Favorite Tutorial Blog Post

When I looked at tutorials made by my Rei and Akhil I learned quite a’lot of things from there chosen tutorial.  In Akhil’s Favorite tutorial I learned how to use several techniques to solve the cube.  Some of the techniques were about deciding which color you should move. Also I learned some ways to make the tutorial interesting so it keeps your attention. In Rei’s I learned how to read the guitar.  I also learned some tips to use if I ever play the guitar.

From the investigate step I learned a`lot of things. I learned about criteria`s for making a good tutorial. For example, making sure you speak clearly, high quality video, good editing and more. From the investigate step I also got to try to make a practice tutorial. From making a practice tutorial I learned how I could improve on my tutorial and use some of the technique for when I make my real tutorial. Finally I learned how to analyze videos and infer about different things. For example, What I learned, What they did well and what did they need to improve on.

I thought my tutorial had a lot of the good advantages from my favourite tutorial. For example, Most of my slides clearly showed where you needed to go.  I did this by making the screenshots big so you can see were you need to go. I also did this by circling and having arrows to show were you needed to go.  Another good reason why mine was similar to my favourite tutorial was that I had good contrast between the thing I was showing and the background. Another thing I did well on was my structure and placing of my words. I tried to make sure all the steps were simply laid out.  One thing I think I could have done better was on one slide to make it slightly bigger.





Overall this step really helped me understand how to make a good tutorial so when I plan in the next stage I will be very much prepared.

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