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March 19, 2014
by 20battyr
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Tutorial Planning Reflections

In the next part of our stage of making a tutorial we created a storyboard and described what effects we will have. Then we created a timeline so that we could plan out when we film and edit our tutorial.

I think my tutorial shows the criteria that we created. For example I have a finished product at the beginning, Zoom, titles and tips. I demonstrated the criterion of a finished product at the beginning by giving a whole clip for it. I demonstrated the zoom criterion because in one clip where the focus of the clip was on the legs I zoomed on the legs. I demonstrated the criterion of tips by at the end of the tutorial have a clip about things that could help you.

What makes my tutorial good is because it does not confuse the viewer with many steps. It does this because you repeat some things for each type of shot. Also my tutorial is not something that requires to much materials and many people can try it out easily. Also I have already done some of the steps in my timeline giving me more time.

I think something that I need to do for my tutorial is to make sure I talk simple and precise. I don`t want to say unnecessary sentences. I want to try and give the point of what I am trying to teach to my viewers. I also want to try and make my video correct, e.g follows the criteria, but also I want to try and take not much time making the video. Otherwise it will take me ages. I want to try and maybe take 5-10 tries.

Overall I think this part of the cycle has been really helpful, This will help me in advance for when I need to film and when I will film. It will help me with all the criteria that I need in my tutorial.

March 13, 2014
by 20battyr

Drama Speech reflection

In drama class we have been working on how to make a good speech. We learned many techniques to use when making a speech. We thought about hooking the audience, posture, gestures and more.
Later we made a practice speech for are real speech about our passions/interests. We structured are speeches in different ways to make them interesting

My Speech

6A Drama Practice Speech03 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I thought my speech was good for my first try. I thought that my modulation, e.g  tone, volume, etc was quite good.  I spoke loud enough so that everybody heard me. I also thought I did not speak bland so that it became boring. I think my posture was good because I looked relax, but I was not to relaxed, though I think I could relax and stay calm so that I won`t shake when making the speech. I think my gestures could have been stronger,  I think also I could have used them less. I think the content of my speech was good, as it contrasted to sports which gave an interesting feel to it.  But I think I could have improved on my structure. In the planning my structure was excellent. But what happened was that I had all my ideas, and did not think about everything I was going to say. I think my best skill was my modulation.  I think this was my best skill because I spoke loud, my tone was good and projected my voice clearly.

Overall I think I should improve on my structure and my stuttering during the speech.


6A Drama Practice Speech12 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Here is my friend Rei`s speech. This speech appealed to me because he spoke clearly and did not stutter. I thought his best skill was how he spoke and his structure. He spoke loud and clear so that we understood everything. I think he also had good structure and timing so that he did not rush through his speech and stumble over words. I think there are two things he could have improved on. First I think that he could have had more contrast between the Yankees and the Boston Red Socks. Second I thought was that he could have used some gestures on parts that he emphasised on. For example, Did you know they just won last years world championships?

March 5, 2014
by 20battyr

Myth Blog Post

Myths are a type of story that people use to explain anomalies not yet understood. Unlike its relatives Legends, fables, fairy tales and folk tales, a myth generally creates a world and a backstory. Myths are also a type of story that usually tries to illustrate something about our world in a way that makes sense internally. But why did humans create and tell Myths?

I think the reason why we tell myths is because we want to feel like we understand our world and we create gods in our myths so that we can have someone to rely on and put our problems on. We also make myths to define our fears

For example, In the Trojan war, Achilles, the greatest warrior is killed by Paris, who shoots him in his heel. This illustrates the idea that everyone and everything has a weakness. Furthermore a better examples would be Helios who drives the chariot of the sun. Greeks and Romans did not know about orbits. So a simple explanation which anyone would understand involved chariots, which everyone new were fast and strong. Finally we look at the myth of Pandoras Box. Pandora, by opening the box unleashes diseases and evil omens onto humanity. This illustrates how myths are used to explain our lives and situation. But unusually enough the last evil to escape from the box was hope. Which the Greeks understood is not always a good thing.

Going back to my point, myths are what people at that time used to illustrate there problems and explain away anomalies they did not understand. Strangely thought myths try to explain the past in terms of concrete examples myths actually are timeless.

Do you think that even though we have better understanding then many people who made myths, do you think we could actually learn something from them.

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