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Drama Speech reflection


In drama class we have been working on how to make a good speech. We learned many techniques to use when making a speech. We thought about hooking the audience, posture, gestures and more.
Later we made a practice speech for are real speech about our passions/interests. We structured are speeches in different ways to make them interesting

My Speech

6A Drama Practice Speech03 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I thought my speech was good for my first try. I thought that my modulation, e.g  tone, volume, etc was quite good.  I spoke loud enough so that everybody heard me. I also thought I did not speak bland so that it became boring. I think my posture was good because I looked relax, but I was not to relaxed, though I think I could relax and stay calm so that I won`t shake when making the speech. I think my gestures could have been stronger,  I think also I could have used them less. I think the content of my speech was good, as it contrasted to sports which gave an interesting feel to it.  But I think I could have improved on my structure. In the planning my structure was excellent. But what happened was that I had all my ideas, and did not think about everything I was going to say. I think my best skill was my modulation.  I think this was my best skill because I spoke loud, my tone was good and projected my voice clearly.

Overall I think I should improve on my structure and my stuttering during the speech.


6A Drama Practice Speech12 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Here is my friend Rei`s speech. This speech appealed to me because he spoke clearly and did not stutter. I thought his best skill was how he spoke and his structure. He spoke loud and clear so that we understood everything. I think he also had good structure and timing so that he did not rush through his speech and stumble over words. I think there are two things he could have improved on. First I think that he could have had more contrast between the Yankees and the Boston Red Socks. Second I thought was that he could have used some gestures on parts that he emphasised on. For example, Did you know they just won last years world championships?

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