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Drama Important Speech Reflection


6A Drama Person Sch05 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


In Drama class we were asked to perform a speech about the most important person in our life, who we meet very often. We had the choice of sibling, teacher, parents, neighbors and friends. I chose my big sister Mayuko. In my speech I think  my modulation was very good. I spoke quite clearly and with good volume. I had a good enough pacing so I did not repeat myself. I put some Emphasis in the speech, but I think I could have done better. My physicality could have had some improving. Though my posture was good, I think that my facial expressions could have been used more often and my gestures less often.

The content and information in my speech was very concise. I clearly talked about why my sister was an important person in my life. I structured it using time, showing how she was important from when I was young, and to the future. I think my best skill overall may have been ┬ámodulation. Modulation may have been my best skill because I spoke with good pacing no repeats and good volume. I think that I should improve on my physicality’s specifically my facial expression because it makes the speech more interesting.

6A Drama Person Speech15 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Here is a person who I thought did a great job on all three of the concepts. But out of them would have to be physicality. I think he did really well on gestures and all his gestures were useful and none of them were not needed. I think he also did well on facial expression, to make the speech more interesting and to give some emotion with it. I think he could have added more to about why he is so important to him, as I thought there was not a lot of that in his speech.

I think he could

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