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June 16, 2014
by 20battyr

Silk Road Goldne Horn Minecraft






We built the Two tower of the Golden Horn, one being Galata Tower. Then We made three ships, one a Galleon and the others Frigots.

These buildings connect to the silk road because the Golden horn was a great trade centre and is in Istanbul. Also the Ottomans lead to the downfall of Constantinople with their ships.





June 12, 2014
by 20battyr

Over and Over- Printmaking Reflection

Printmaking Reflection


Photo on 6-12-14 at 1.10 PM

This pattern as you see above is Influenced by Native American Patterns especially the centre part with the dots. then the Corner parts are influenced by celtic patterns. As most celtic patterns are  overlapping, so I tried to imitate that. Strangely in some way it looks very pacific, with the Organic shapes. I chose these cultures because I descended from celtic ancestors and I enjoyed how the Native Americans designs with the dots coming out of diamonds.

I think the most difficult part of this unit was carving and making sure everything alined. You may not be able to see it in the picture above, but if you look at it closer it is not completely interlocking. I think the carving was hard because of how you much wanted to carve into.

One thing that helped me solve problems in this unit was looking at others, as examples. It also helped to make several test prints so that I got the feel of printmaking. It also helped to come to open studio, and if I had not, I think I would have not completed my pattern.

Finally I think that I learned a lot in this unit. I think that the techniques I am going are gradation, blending colours and Contrast. I now see that with these techniques you can make any picture look nice. I also Think that using the motifs  I learned during print making can influence pictures that I do next year.



June 5, 2014
by 20battyr

Drama Movie trailer reflections


Overall I think our movie trailer was a success. We gave the audience information, and showed them some what the story, but kept them interested to watch our movie. We did this by making all our lines apply to the plot of our movie.  We also made sure that we did not spoil the movies ending and kept it concise, but detailed. The actors for the lines fitted well for there parts. I especially thought that James did a great job being this heroic hero agent in this movie.  I think that we also did a good job on action, as well as human drama. As the genre of Action we put effects like guns shooting and swords slashing, like most action movies. Then we made a section of love between the characters, to have human drama. Finally I think we did well on the narration, conflict and release dates. I think my narration was very like most narrators, with a kind of deep voice. I think we also did a fantastic job with conflict, because of all the character we included. I think that we did a good job showing the release dates, as we repeated it 2 times.


In our movie trailer  were a few things that we could have done better on. I first think that we should have a variation in the music of our movie trailer. I also think that we could have done better at making our plot slightly more clearer. I think are slogan could have been better, as it was only mentioned at the end: Agent of Justice.  I think we could have made a slightly more funny moment, as while it stands it was not great. Finally I think we could have made it longer, but somehow parts of our trailer were missing and with those missing parts it may have been quite a bit longer.

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