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September 30, 2014
by 20battyr

Grade 7 Music Journal Entry: Melody

In Music class we have been studying Melodies. Here are some things that we have been looking into about Melodies.

Slur: 1 Phrase. A Phrase marks when notes should be played with flowing motion.

Contour: The rise and fall of Pitch. A contour can have a steady rising or falling of pitch like this: Do Re Mi or it can be a steep rise or fall in pitch like this: Da So.

Interval: The distance between two notes. For example, if I have two notes: Do and So, then the interval would be 5.

Range: The distance from the Lowest note to the Highest note

Leap: A Interval with a distance of 3 or more.

Fortissimo: Very Loud

Forte: Loud

Mezzo Forte: Medium Loud

Mezzo Piano: Medium soft

Piano: Soft

Pianissimo: Very Soft

Staccato: Notes played very short.

Lagato: Notes

Crescendo: Getting Louder

Decrescendo: Getting Softer

September 16, 2014
by 20battyr

Drama 7: Mime Door reflection

7C Drama: Door Mime from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

The  mime I am going to examine   is Kai’s and Benjamin’s.

The mime showed two men, probably businessmen. They opened the door by praying to it, though they tried other methods including and shooting it.

They mimed being affected to show objects, e.g a gun. They also mimed actions with clothes/shoes. They showed the size by the space between each other. This showed the space of which the door took up.

I think they showed the mime quite well, but there were 3 things which I think they could have improved on

Firstly I think Benjamin did not either put down the gun, or throw it away, so it seemed like it just vanished.

Secondly I think that when they were trying to show the door being locked, Kai seemed to fling the door.

Finally I think that they did not show much weight during the mime, so maybe  they could add that or make it clearer.


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