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October 8, 2014
by 20battyr

Empire Video Assignment







The Seleucid empire affected the world by developing the foundations of Islam and its cities. It was also a major centre of Hellenistic culture like the Ptomelies. The Seleucid empire also influenced the Islam with it Hellenistic culture. While the western parts lost the way of science and medicine. The middle east, Turkey and Asia minor studied the written pieces by the Seleucid and other Hellenistic cultures at that time and learned from them. The Seleucid empire also built cities in the Middle East. During their time they also built up the  Parthian empire and the Bactrian empire. After they were conquered, the remaining Middle East became what we know now. Finally The Seleucid restored the Persian Infrastructure.

October 5, 2014
by 20battyr

Drama Mime Scene Reflection

7C Drama: Mime Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In Drama we staged a mime scene. Are mime scene was located in a passenger airplane.


I think I staged my mime quite well. I used objects such as a cane and a book to show my age and my emotions showed me as quite a grumpy old guy.But I do think I could have done some things better, such as reading the book, because I would turn the pages to quickly. I also think I made mistakes with the cane, as sometimes the height would change. I also think that I could have shown my sleepiness more clearly.  In the mime scene I used space during the opening of the passenger plane. In the scene I moved from the door to the passenger seats. Using the space I showed my characters age.  In the scene I used the cane to also represent my age. I also used objects such as books show my age as well. In the scene I interacted with the drunk passenger, the headphone passenger, steward and the stewardess. I interacted with the drunk passenger when she falls over and I am suprised. To the stewardess I interact with her when she spills a drink over me and I get angry and annoyed. I interact with the steward when he passes my drink over. Finally I interact with the fidgeting man when he puts on his loud headphones when I am trying to sleep. I get annoyed and tell him to stop it.


Overall  I think the mime was relativily believeable. We had a variety of ages on the plane: old, teenage/young, adult. I also think we incorparated things that most airplanes have like the safety demonstration. We also had things like sleepy people on planes and people that have loud headpones or are annoying by there movement. The only unrealistic part of the scene was the drunkness, because you don`t really see many drunk people on planes.

October 5, 2014
by 20battyr
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Science iPad Research

Today I am going to justify whether or not we should expand the iPad system, keep it the same or stop it completely.

The iPad contains many elements such as Gold(Au),Tungsten(W) , Tantulum(Ta) and the compound coltan. The element in the iPad we are we are going to study in this report is  the element Tin(Sn).

Tin is used as the binding solder  in iPads. Tin mining is a difficult and often unfair business. For example, one of the biggest tin ore sites is in Indonesia, on Bangko island. Workers mine the tin from sand. The tin is then distributed to the mining companies and then to electronic companies such as Foxconn.  At Bangka, the tin is mined in poor conditions. The workers are given almost no equipment or any safety gear, so all the tin is mined by mostly by hand. According to Bloomburg, there are about 15000-50000 workers in Bangka mining tin. If they are lucky and find enough tin, the workers earn about 5$  every day. According to Bloomburg’s, investigation six men on the island  died in a single week. One miner, Rosnan Chandra, left small sons, who now have to grow up with no father to support them.  The report found 10 tin ore sites where miners were killed and safety precautions were ignored. Companies usually claim that all their sub contractors are required to have safety precautions, but from what we have seen that is not true.  This gives us two choices. Either companies know what is going on in these tin sites and are turning a blind eye, or they are not making any efforts to find out.

According to Jolan Murod, an independent tin producer,  companies ignore safety rules because many workers are not hired by the mining companies. They work on their own mine and sell it to a collector who gives it to the mining company.  That is why companies don’t feel the responsibility of making sure they have safety precautions. However,  they cannot avoid the responsibility of getting their supplies from properly paid and properly managed producers.

Furthermore, the tin producers expand their sites into the sea as well. From mining tin from under the sea bed, they are not only risking peoples lives, but other peoples jobs. From mining tin from the sea, they are disturbing the coral life. That is not just an environmental problem. When they destroy the coral life, local fisherman will have no place to get fish and will not be able to continue.

So should we keep the iPad program, make bigger or should we stop the program?  As consumers, the iPad is clearly a useful product. Thus I would argue that we should keep the program,  however we should make efforts to let its producer, Apple, know that we are unhappy with the way in which the elements for this machine are currently obtain. We should encourage the sustain and fair production of tin by lobbying governments and companies worldwide. If it is possible to preserve consumers choices, whilst at the same time improving workers lives, then this is what we should do.  iPads might cost more like this, but we would feel better about using them.


“Tin in Your Smartphone Threatens Life on Bangka.” Bloomberg Business Week. Bloomberg, 22 Aug. 2012. Web. 04 Oct. 2014.




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