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December 15, 2014
by 20battyr

The Nutcraker Suite( The Nutcraker Prince and the Mouse king

In music class we watched the movie The Nutcraker Prince and the Mouse king.  In this blog post I will be  examining how Tchaikovsky used instrument to create moods and feelings. First Tchaikovsky created the feeling of Airy, Magical and mysterious(31.01-31.46) with the use of a piano and a cello or flute. His use of staccato and minor key makes it feel magical. Also his use of the low notes of the cello in contrast with the high notes of the piano makes it feel magical as well.  Another time Tchaikovsky creates a mood is 58.17-1:00.01 when he creates the feeling of excitement and energy. He does this by using the flowing of the violins and the staccato horn section. He also uses crescendo to make effects on us as well. He also uses the increasing beats of the drums to make it feel energetic. Finally Tchaikovsky created the feeling of tension and emotion in 1:03.46- 1:05.03 by using the flowing patterns and ritardando.

December 13, 2014
by 20battyr
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Why do we read?

December 13th 2014

Hey guys, I’ve been noticing around that many people have the opinion that reading is a minor importance to their lives. But in this blog post, I will be justifying why we read and how it important it is to our lives. From my personal experience and from others around the world I will explain two points of why reading is important. I will be explaining how reading helps us increase our knowledge and to release stress and give enjoyment.

One of the first ways that I think reading helps us is with gaining knowledge. By reading fiction books, we are introduced to new vocabulary. By gaining more vocabulary we expand our way of speaking into more and more formal ways of speaking and allow us to express our feelings more specifically. Furthermore, by reading non-fictions we can learn about the issues of the world, or the general science and history of the world. By learing about the world we live in, we can have better insight and enhance our opinion about world the problems.


Another way reading helps us is to release stress. I am sure that many of you reading have experienced a time when you were extremely stressed and angry. By reading books we are distracted from the iminent problems of our lifes for an indefinite period of time. When we read fiction books we enter the other person imagination, world and story. This makes us forget about what is going on around us and think about there story. We get to enjoy anothers persons ideas and stories. Its like reading someone elses ideas. Or if we read a boring book it helps us go to sleep and relax.

There are of course many other points that I have not stated in this blog post, but I have chosen the ones that I think are most important. You can look at the padlet above if you want to see more, or you can go to this site or to whytoread.com to find a more detailed explanation. I hope this blog post made you want to start reading. What are you waiting for!! Grab a Book!!


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December 3, 2014
by 20battyr

Drama DIY Show: How to do a Lay-up

In Drama we were tasked in making a DIY show video. We did how to do a lay-up in basketball. Overall I think we did a good job on making the video. Furthermore from doing this project I learned a lot of skills that we could use in other situations. I learned how to use correct terms of making a tutorial, such as stating first, second and third. I also learned how to improvise when doing a DIY show live, if things don’t go planned. These things would be useful because it would help me if I wanted to teach someone something. I also can use the skills of using both demonstrations and speaking to help me if I want to teach something to someone.

December 2, 2014
by 20battyr

Yesterday Reflection

In Music class we have been working on Yesterday by the Beatles. To learn it we had to go through a process.  I first learned the pitches and the beats. Then I learned the phrasing of the notes. Then I learned the tempo. Then I tried to add dynamics to certain parts.  After that I practiced Yesterday frequently so it was relatively memorised. I also recorded my self so I could see myself and improve. This helped me because it allowed me to see if I was going to fast or I was playing something wrong. Then I met up with the other instrumentalist and we rehearsed  the song together. We played together and discussed how we could fit each of our parts and how we would arrange the introduction. We also adjusted to how fast or slow we were playing till we were content.   Then we met up with the vocalists(choir) and rehearsed with them. I again edited my playing to fit the style of how they were singing and there pace.  I think that I played Yesterday pretty well. I played the notes accurately and stayed in tempo. I think most people could hear me. But I think I could have made the notes pitch clearer. As a group I think that we needed to make the vocalists more confident or have a lead singer that they could follow, because I thought they were quiet when we were performing.  I think that the instrumentals were generally pretty good.

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