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How Does Religion Affect Me?


So far I identify myself as no religion. However my family does have some ties with religion. My father went to a Christian church on Sundays in his childhood, but he also identifies as no religion.  Some of his values however, stem from his childhood. My mother, also takes some values from Buddhism, similiaraly she does not practice it. My parents also had both a buddhist wedding ceremony and a christian wedding. I also celebrate religious events like Christmas, Halloween and Easter.    When I was young I was baptised in a catholic church, I have had no real teaching of religion, but I have travelled to many temples and learned bits and pieces about these religions.  I do not really believe any sort of deity, but I do believe in ideas like Karma and some of the moral teachings of Christianity. I have not had any official religious education, but my father tells me parts of the Christian teachings. I do not use religious clothing, but we have some Hindu fabrics that we use.  My family also uses kimono which we use for special events. Religion has effected me in how I look at the world and its problems and how I talk with my family. Some other parts of my family, such as my cousin identify themselves as Christian. I respect there beliefs and ideals.


  1. It is cool that you know about the different religions. Is there any reason your family consideres themselves as “not religious?”

    • Hi, to answer your question my parents identify themselves as not religous, because they believe in some of the morals and ethics of the religion, but not necessarily the ideas of there being a god or how the world was created.

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