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This years grade 8 field studies was blast! I got to do activities I hadn’t done before and socialise with people outside my class. We did canyoning, rafting, biking, canoeing, climbing and The best part of field studies was the canyoning.  I got to challenge myself to do this new activity and I succeeded. Overall field studies had no worst part. I think the most exciting part of the trip was the mountain biking because I had not practically ridden a bike for a long period of time and I did the activity to a mediocre level. The most scariest part was the 6 meter jump while canyoning, though fearful at first, I pushed the feeling away and completed with good ease.  The most unexpected thing that happened on field studies was how I got to interact with a lot of people that I didn’t usually talk too.  Overall this field studies I learned to have to bring a eager open mind to everything and be willing to take every opportunity that arises.

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  1. Ryan, I am glad you had such a good time and had a very positive learning experience.

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