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Character Elevator Scene Reflection


8B Drama: Elevator Scene3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In drama class we did a small elevator scene. I worked with Will, Airi and Allison. Overall I think the Elevator scene went pretty well, I followed my character and my group worked effectively. We used the elevators space and created a small narrative.

In the scene I used status to enforce the characters of my snobby and annoyed personality to create tension on the elevator to not talk with me. In the scene I told them how I was more important them them to create the difference of status.    I used stereotypes to make my character clear to the audience and to help create my character.  In the scene I was a gang accountant pretending to be a wealthy businessman. I used the stereotype of a snobby businessman to further the idea that he is not all that he seems and inform the audience of my character clearly.  My attitudes were that of someone who does not deal with average people and impatient. I showed this In the scene I took my ID disrespectfully and tried to avoid contact with the other characters in the elevator. Another example of this was my use of my tall overlooking nature and how I tried to not look at the other charactersHe doesn’t care about others conveniences.  During the scene my motivation of getting away with stolen money was shown when the money was seen from my suitcase, allowed the characters to see my darker nature in the scene.   I used a tall physicality to express my ideology of being superior to the other characters.  I used a posh strong English accent to tell the audience my rich upbringing and my snobby nature.  I demonstrated the relationships with the other characters by being passive aggressive and raising my status above them.   In the scene my character developed when the other characters noticed the stolen money in my suitcase. My character became more nervous and less self confident.

In conclusion, This unit I think I made progress from previous years in drama.  I was able to show changes in mood, showing personality subtly and showing character reacting to changing events. In retrospect, I could have showed these changes dramatically especially movement if the scenario offered more movement. Next time I would like to improve on using space well.

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