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April 27, 2014
by 20battyr

My Artist Statement

Photo on 4-25-14 at 2.10 PM


The title of my artwork is called Aspects of Rei

I made a  lot of progress while doing this art project. One of the most hardest challenges for me was what I wanted my portrait  to be. There was so many choices for each thing I made. For example I had to decide what angle I wanted my baseball to be and what size as well as other objects like the socks  and the guitar. I also got to explore ideas from many other artists, particularly  Paul Klee and Picasso. From looking at there artworks it helped me decide on how I was going to paint my painting. I think my main strength in this unit was the background. I thought the background was the best because I really caught Paul Klee`s gradation effect for his background and it made the picture look interesting. I also successfully used gradation so that it looked like the colours moved from one to another. One thing I would like to have improve on was the face in the red socks and the hand. I want to improve on the hand because it seemed to be missing something. I think I might have made the fingers look a slightly more realistic. I also would like to make the wrist slightly more interesting by maybe putting a design in it.  I wanted to improve on the face because it did not add anything to the painting. Next time I hoped to make it so that it all adds to the portrait.

My painting is about all the things about Rei. In the centre of the portrait you see the baseball. Rei enjoys playing and watching baseball so I made it stand out by being bigger than most of the other objects. Then to the right hand side of the baseball we see the Boston red socks symbol, with Rei`s face in it.  I did this because Rei supports red socks, so I made him part of the red socks symbol, showing that they have a bond. Now to the left of the baseball we have the Halo 4 symbol. This really is quite basic as it just shows that he likes to play Halo 4. Now to the top of the portrait we have a guitar. Since Rei plays the guitar, I had to add that into my potrait. Taking an idea from one of Picasso`s paintings I had a hand coming out of background holding up the guitar. Now the background can be portrayed as showing Rei`s personality, always happy and laughing. With the background I also made it that the guitar is coming out of the background, showing that Rei`s ability to play the guitar is connected with his personality. Next we have on both the right and left lower hand corners are the very subtle New York Yankees sign. I made it so that the New York Yankees are part of the background. There are two ways to think about why I made the New York Yankees sign part of the background. The first way of thinking is that the baseball with Rei and the Boston red socks are pushing back the background. The second way of thinking about it is  that Rei`s personality is overwhelming the New York Yankees sign. Overall I really enjoyed this unit and look forward for the next one.



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