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April 24, 2014
by 20battyr

Drama Important Speech Reflection

6A Drama Person Sch05 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


In Drama class we were asked to perform a speech about the most important person in our life, who we meet very often. We had the choice of sibling, teacher, parents, neighbors and friends. I chose my big sister Mayuko. In my speech I think  my modulation was very good. I spoke quite clearly and with good volume. I had a good enough pacing so I did not repeat myself. I put some Emphasis in the speech, but I think I could have done better. My physicality could have had some improving. Though my posture was good, I think that my facial expressions could have been used more often and my gestures less often.

The content and information in my speech was very concise. I clearly talked about why my sister was an important person in my life. I structured it using time, showing how she was important from when I was young, and to the future. I think my best skill overall may have been  modulation. Modulation may have been my best skill because I spoke with good pacing no repeats and good volume. I think that I should improve on my physicality’s specifically my facial expression because it makes the speech more interesting.

6A Drama Person Speech15 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Here is a person who I thought did a great job on all three of the concepts. But out of them would have to be physicality. I think he did really well on gestures and all his gestures were useful and none of them were not needed. I think he also did well on facial expression, to make the speech more interesting and to give some emotion with it. I think he could have added more to about why he is so important to him, as I thought there was not a lot of that in his speech.

I think he could

March 13, 2014
by 20battyr

Drama Speech reflection

In drama class we have been working on how to make a good speech. We learned many techniques to use when making a speech. We thought about hooking the audience, posture, gestures and more.
Later we made a practice speech for are real speech about our passions/interests. We structured are speeches in different ways to make them interesting

My Speech

6A Drama Practice Speech03 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I thought my speech was good for my first try. I thought that my modulation, e.g  tone, volume, etc was quite good.  I spoke loud enough so that everybody heard me. I also thought I did not speak bland so that it became boring. I think my posture was good because I looked relax, but I was not to relaxed, though I think I could relax and stay calm so that I won`t shake when making the speech. I think my gestures could have been stronger,  I think also I could have used them less. I think the content of my speech was good, as it contrasted to sports which gave an interesting feel to it.  But I think I could have improved on my structure. In the planning my structure was excellent. But what happened was that I had all my ideas, and did not think about everything I was going to say. I think my best skill was my modulation.  I think this was my best skill because I spoke loud, my tone was good and projected my voice clearly.

Overall I think I should improve on my structure and my stuttering during the speech.


6A Drama Practice Speech12 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Here is my friend Rei`s speech. This speech appealed to me because he spoke clearly and did not stutter. I thought his best skill was how he spoke and his structure. He spoke loud and clear so that we understood everything. I think he also had good structure and timing so that he did not rush through his speech and stumble over words. I think there are two things he could have improved on. First I think that he could have had more contrast between the Yankees and the Boston Red Socks. Second I thought was that he could have used some gestures on parts that he emphasised on. For example, Did you know they just won last years world championships?

November 30, 2013
by 20battyr

Drama Improv Reflection

Untitled from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


In this  performance I think I got a 9. I almost completely accepted offer and accept,  shared the story with my partner, and ended with a logical conclusion. I used offer and accept in this video  especially when I said “at least the allies won the war”. Then James replied ” But I am German!” I thought that was a good example of offer and accept. I think that I could make my performance better by making more interesting stories and ideas. I think this skill is really important because if you forget something you can improvise on the spot and keep the story moving. Otherwise you might just stand there not knowing what you should say.

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