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December 13, 2014
by 20battyr
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Why do we read?

December 13th 2014

Hey guys, I’ve been noticing around that many people have the opinion that reading is a minor importance to their lives. But in this blog post, I will be justifying why we read and how it important it is to our lives. From my personal experience and from others around the world I will explain two points of why reading is important. I will be explaining how reading helps us increase our knowledge and to release stress and give enjoyment.

One of the first ways that I think reading helps us is with gaining knowledge. By reading fiction books, we are introduced to new vocabulary. By gaining more vocabulary we expand our way of speaking into more and more formal ways of speaking and allow us to express our feelings more specifically. Furthermore, by reading non-fictions we can learn about the issues of the world, or the general science and history of the world. By learing about the world we live in, we can have better insight and enhance our opinion about world the problems.


Another way reading helps us is to release stress. I am sure that many of you reading have experienced a time when you were extremely stressed and angry. By reading books we are distracted from the iminent problems of our lifes for an indefinite period of time. When we read fiction books we enter the other person imagination, world and story. This makes us forget about what is going on around us and think about there story. We get to enjoy anothers persons ideas and stories. Its like reading someone elses ideas. Or if we read a boring book it helps us go to sleep and relax.

There are of course many other points that I have not stated in this blog post, but I have chosen the ones that I think are most important. You can look at the padlet above if you want to see more, or you can go to this site or to whytoread.com to find a more detailed explanation. I hope this blog post made you want to start reading. What are you waiting for!! Grab a Book!!


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October 10, 2013
by 20battyr
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Author Visit Post


On monday Adam Giewitz came to our school. We all went to auditorium to listen to what he had to say. First he introduced himself.  Then he told us a story called the jerboa tree. It was interesting because its one of those fairy tales that you don’t know about.



Juniper tree

It was about a husband and wife, they lived happy life but they did not have a child. One day the wife is cutting an apple under their Jerboa tree when by accident she cuts her thum. her blood falls onto the white snow. She then says that she wishs That she had a son as white as snow and as red as blood. Then Several months later the wife gives birth to the boy,but she dies in the proccess. So the husband remarries. his new wife has her daughter as well. but there was one problem. the step mother hates the boy. one day he ask his new mother if he can have an apple. she say yes and says he take one out of the chest. he leans his little head over the chest and then….. SLAM she close the chest up. His head was cut off. then she takes the body and puts his body on a chair outside the house and puts his head back on. then she puts an apple in his hand

Later in the day His sister comes a long.  she say to him,”can I have that apple”,she said. No reply. she tells her mum. she says that if he doesn’t answer next time slap him. so of course  he doesn’t answer. when she slaps him his head falls off. She thinks she has killed him! her mother comes in and says your father would be outraged! but if you hide the body he won’t. so they take all the organs out of his body and his mother starts to make a stew out of them. the girl take the rest of the body and puts it under the Jerboa tree. The father comes in and eats the stew. the next day the father sees a bird. the bird was singing! it said how the boy died: My mother killed me, my sister put my body under the tree, my father ate my organs. the father thought this was the most beatiful song that he had ever heard, he wanted it to sing it again. the bird flew of the blacksmiths shop. he sings the song again. the blacksmith this was a beatiful song and ask the bird to sing it again. Bird say I will sing it, if you give me the finest of your chains. the blacksmith get his finest of all his chains and gives it to the bird. the bird sings it again. Then the bird flys of to the mill and the shoe shop. from the shoe shop he gets a pair of shoes and from the mill he gets the a large stone. he comes back to the house were the boy died. he sings the song again. the father couldn’t stand it anymore and rushes out side. the bird gives him the chain. then the girl whom he gives the shoes and finally the mother comes out and he drops the large stone on top of her. then out of the Jerboa tree comes the boy again! and they live happily ever after. I thought this story was interesting as well as insane in some parts of it.

In the late afternoon we went to loft to learn how to make a good story. I learned that  your character must be someone that your audience will like. Then you need know where he is before any of the action. After that your character needs to have a small problem in his daily life. Then the most important part of the story, a catalyst. The catalyst is when something happens to make the story start to happen. One thing that I didn’t know is that almost the whole book is covered by the adventure. After you have the adventure there must be some kind of “all is lost moment”. then you get to the climax where you wrap up the story.



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