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April 25, 2014
by 20battyr
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Squash Tutorial

Create Reflection In the past month or so in our technology class we have been working on making a tutorial. We made criteria for what are tutorial should be like. We watch other tutorials and planned using storyboards. After investigating and planning we were tasked with making tutorial.


Connect In this tutorial I tried hard to make my tutorial apply all the criteria. I put all the criteria needed in my tutorial, but there were a few I thought I really achieved. The first criteria I though I achieved was Voice and demonstration. Since it was hard to speak while demonstrating and that would make my tutorial not very clear, I voiced over my demonstration. This made each scene very clear. When I voiced over it made it easy hear, as I would not be as far away. I think I achieved the criteria  of demonstration and voice.  The second criterion that I think I did well on was angles. While teaching each shot, I demonstrated it the best angle. Using different angles in my tutorial allowed the audience to see the shot from all perspectives. so I think I achieved the criterion of angle.  My fourth criterion was focus or staying on topic. Throughout my tutorial I made it so that it was very concise and organized so that the audience will understand easier. I did this by  explaining what you need with organization. I did this by making a scene for each item. Here is the class tutorial criteria     Extend In making this tutorial I expanded my way of thinking in a Three ways. The first  thing I learned while doing this unit is how you can explain something with detail, but short and concise. This was important because most people want to understand something when its short, concise and detailed. The second thing I learned was how to explain something in different ways. While looking at other peoples tutorials, I noticed how they all explained there tutorial in different ways, some would pause the video and voice over it, or just speak while demonstrating. The third thing I learned thing I learned was how it is so important to be organized. If you try to explain something without being prepared, you will end up with your tutorial not being clear enough. From my first try at filming the tutorial I realized how important this was. I came to record my tutorial with no script, so I didn’t really know what I was going to say. When I do this next time I will focus on making sure I have a good script.


Challenge There were three things that challenged me while making this tutorial. The first thing that challenged me was speaking. I had to remember exactly what I was supposed to say, and it took many takes to finally get a the voiceover I wanted. The second thing that challenged me was using Imovie. Some things that I wanted in my tutorial  I did not know how to do on Imovie. But with the help of the 6A Imovie tips, I overcame this challenge. The third challenge that I had while making the tutorial was organization. As I said before, I did not have a script when I first filmed and meant that I wasted valuable time.   After making that mistake I made a focus to make my tutorial organized.  One thing that still puzzles me is how professionals make there special effects, as it would help my tutorial even more for the next time. Finally I would like to say to check out these tutorials below: Kai Owen Athul   Overall while creating this tutorial I learned better how to use Imovie and how to make a concise, short and detailed tutorial, as well as understanding how important it is to be organized. I think for the first movie I made, I did a good job on making. For the next time I hope to make my tutorial reach even better standards.

March 19, 2014
by 20battyr
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Tutorial Planning Reflections

In the next part of our stage of making a tutorial we created a storyboard and described what effects we will have. Then we created a timeline so that we could plan out when we film and edit our tutorial.

I think my tutorial shows the criteria that we created. For example I have a finished product at the beginning, Zoom, titles and tips. I demonstrated the criterion of a finished product at the beginning by giving a whole clip for it. I demonstrated the zoom criterion because in one clip where the focus of the clip was on the legs I zoomed on the legs. I demonstrated the criterion of tips by at the end of the tutorial have a clip about things that could help you.

What makes my tutorial good is because it does not confuse the viewer with many steps. It does this because you repeat some things for each type of shot. Also my tutorial is not something that requires to much materials and many people can try it out easily. Also I have already done some of the steps in my timeline giving me more time.

I think something that I need to do for my tutorial is to make sure I talk simple and precise. I don`t want to say unnecessary sentences. I want to try and give the point of what I am trying to teach to my viewers. I also want to try and make my video correct, e.g follows the criteria, but also I want to try and take not much time making the video. Otherwise it will take me ages. I want to try and maybe take 5-10 tries.

Overall I think this part of the cycle has been really helpful, This will help me in advance for when I need to film and when I will film. It will help me with all the criteria that I need in my tutorial.

February 11, 2014
by 20battyr

Tutorial Investigation Reflection

In Tech class we having been studying ways to create a awesome tutorial. We have been analyzing many tutorials, some that we have chosen and others that are friends  chose. Then we made are own tutorial so we could contrast and compare our tutorials with are favorite tutorials.

My Favorite Tutorial Blog Post

When I looked at tutorials made by my Rei and Akhil I learned quite a’lot of things from there chosen tutorial.  In Akhil’s Favorite tutorial I learned how to use several techniques to solve the cube.  Some of the techniques were about deciding which color you should move. Also I learned some ways to make the tutorial interesting so it keeps your attention. In Rei’s I learned how to read the guitar.  I also learned some tips to use if I ever play the guitar.

From the investigate step I learned a`lot of things. I learned about criteria`s for making a good tutorial. For example, making sure you speak clearly, high quality video, good editing and more. From the investigate step I also got to try to make a practice tutorial. From making a practice tutorial I learned how I could improve on my tutorial and use some of the technique for when I make my real tutorial. Finally I learned how to analyze videos and infer about different things. For example, What I learned, What they did well and what did they need to improve on.

I thought my tutorial had a lot of the good advantages from my favourite tutorial. For example, Most of my slides clearly showed where you needed to go.  I did this by making the screenshots big so you can see were you need to go. I also did this by circling and having arrows to show were you needed to go.  Another good reason why mine was similar to my favourite tutorial was that I had good contrast between the thing I was showing and the background. Another thing I did well on was my structure and placing of my words. I tried to make sure all the steps were simply laid out.  One thing I think I could have done better was on one slide to make it slightly bigger.





Overall this step really helped me understand how to make a good tutorial so when I plan in the next stage I will be very much prepared.

January 15, 2014
by 20battyr
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My Favorite Tutorial


In Technology class we investigated on how to make a tutorial. We looked at 3-5  tutorial and wrote about what we learned from the tutorial, what was good and what was bad. My favorite tutorial was How to Make a Ninja Star


 There a few outstanding thing in this tutorial. First he though he did not talk he was very descriptive by showing us up close what we needed to do. For example showing us exactly where we needed to start are folds. Secondly he didn’t block the view. This is important because it helps the audience see what he is doing. Thirdly he gave us lots of time, And not just by doing nothing, he effectivly folded, but took his time. This is important because it means the audience can keep up while he is making it. Fourthly he showed us the finished project at the beginning and at the ending. This is important because we already know what it is going to look like and realize when we made a mistake a lot faster.  Finally he had good contrast with the background and what he was making. This is important because it makes it easy for the viewer to see. 

I learned how to fold effieciently, but this time how to connect two pieces of paper by making places to slip things into.  This can help me because if I want to make something similiar or if I want to make something that requires you to connect two pieces of paper I already know how. Also I learned that this video also shows that talking won’t always help you explain things. For example, if you are making the object really far away or not very clearly, the audience can not see what you are doing while you explain it. When I make a tutorial I will use this technique.


November 22, 2013
by 20battyr
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Planning Reflection

To start off the engines of are rocket we needed to make some designs. Mrs Cofino asked us to create three designs,that really show are personality and life. On the way she asked us to write about how we wanted to grow are blog from seeds, to a flourishing plant. Meaning we needed to write what we wanted for our blog. The next lesson we chose which blog design we wanted. When we had chosen are design we wrote a short paragraph about why this design represents ourselves. But why did I choose this design? this is why…


I chose this blog theme/design because I really want to share my travels aroundt the world. Like Cambodia, China, Vanuatu and many more. Going further, I liked this design because of its colours and its organisation and shapes. Especially the Stalite tites And the triangle shapes.

Now I would like to explain how I want to make my blog a interesting and creative blog from beginning to end. For my blog I want my blog to have maybe 40 comments per post. I want to achieve this goal by advertising my blog by going to other peoples blogs. I might also use other social network sites. Another goal I have is to post a lot more, I will try to start doing this by posting a blog post every week. At the end of the year I hope I have around 40 posts. This again links to the other goal. I hope that I can make my blog a very successful blog by using these techniques.

October 13, 2013
by 20battyr

Investigation Reflection

In our tech lessons we have been learning about how we can make a successful blog. First Mrs Cofino asked us how much we know about making a blog. after she examined what we knew she asked us to look at different blogs that she had put on her blog and make a list on what things made the blog look neat, attractive and interesting.  In the next class we made a brainstorm for what we wanted are blog to be about. I think we did this because we already know ways to make are blog neat and attracting and to know what are blog is about. It is important to know what your blog is going to be about.

In my blog I want to share my adventures through all my travels that I am going to have and to share daily things that happen in my life.  I will also put posts about what I learn in my classes science, humanities e.g. I hope My blog represents myself and the things I do so I can share what I do with other people, I also hope that my blog will be good enough for all the criterias.

When we researched on the blogs Mrs Cofino recommended eventually as a class we decided which things should be in  a blog.

I thought these things are very important,

1.  Easy to read and have good contrast.

2.  Staying on topic, and being interesting.

3.  Post Daily

4. Catogories

In are blog research we learned that  the words should be easily read. We also need to have good contrast, which means that there shouldn’t be just one color but not 50 colors,for example maybe just red, green and blue. You should also make sure that all your posts are interesting and related to what blog is about. Finally your blog should have a pictures. But be careful you don’t just want picture in your posts you should have some text as well. you should also upload posts weeklyI think that one of the most important thing about a blog that you have everything look neat, for example if you didn’t have  categories and if someone wanted to find something on your blog or wanted to revisit one of your post in a hurry they would not be able to. If you make categories  it will be a lot easier for people in the world to find thing in your blog. another thing that I think is important is about how and what you write in your posts.  you don’t want to write TOO casually but don’t make it academic

Overall I think the way I am going to make a successful blog is by making sure other people can read and understand all my posts, having my posts organised by using categories. I think that you can’t always update your blog, but you shouldn’t leave your blog alone for long, otherwise people will really get bored. I am going to approach this by not just putting random posts that are really boring. If I have lots of things that happen to me that are interesting then I will post them, if not then I wait until something does happen. If I go on holiday I will probably take a break on blogging and when I come back make a post about what I did. I am going to make sure I have pictures in my posts by taking pictures of my travels myself and whenever I do anything.  I am going to make sure I have good contrast by finding colours that fit together.

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