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Grade 6

Today I would like to share some of the things I am most proud of from my classes.



In P.E I am proud of when I was doing basketball. I was not very good at basketball but I kept trying and was very optimistic and Open minded. Next time I will try to practice more so I will no longer me as optimistic, but I could be quite good! This helped me gain confidence in myself.





In Humanities I was proud of my Mongolian presentation. In the Mongolian Presentation I was thinker because I thought critically about there climate and if I would live there.  In this piece  I will try to add more detail  to every slide so I make a more interesting presentation.

Surviving in Mongolia




In English I am proud of my Story opening because it shows me thinking critically about how I should make the structure of my story opening. Thinking critically made me be a thinker.  Next time I will try to make make my story opening develop so it has a sense of a page turner. This piece helped me organize the  structure of my projects.


Japanese class the work I am most proud of was my hometown presentation because I was an inquirer and asked lots of questions to help my work. In my japanese presentation I think I could have tried to be more independant, but also put more detail into my presentation. This Pieced helped me gain more knowledge for when I do it next time.

Japanese Presentation


In Spanish I was Knowledgeable in answering the worksheet. I was knowledgeable because I studied hard so that I understood everything. Next time I think I should try to ask more questions so I gain more information about understanding words and grammar. This helped me learn more about Spanish.



In math I am proud of the fact that I was open-minded and tried my best to answer questions and problems. Next time I will try to not only try to answer the questions but get them right. This really helped me be very optimistic.



In Science I was knowledgeable in writing my tests. I researched and studied  in class about the subject. This helped me gain more knowledge about the subject.  Next time I to continue using this strategy. I learned that researching and studying  can help you a lot in learning.




In Technology I was knowledgeable. I was knowledgeable by organizing my reflections carefully and using good vocabulary. Next time I want to continue this strategy. This helped me organize my work so that next time I can do this again.


Investigation Reflection

Finally  I would like to talk about the subject I want to improve on.



In music I want to try to reflect better on my reflection. From this experience I learned that I need to think deeper about what I did so I do it in other subjects. Next time I want to try and write more on my reflection.



After reflecting upon the work that I have in this blog post I made some goals that I wanted to achieve.

Goal 1: Be a communicator by writing neatly. I will know when I do this when I make my calculations and work clear in tests. I think this is achievable and realistic. I hope to to do this by the end of the year.

Goal 2: Writing a reflection with important details I will know when to do this when I think I explained in great detail and added everything that happened. I think this is achievable and realistic. I hope to to do this by the end of the year.

Goal 3: Being reflective by reviewing and proofreading. I will know when I have reached this when I stop making stupid mistake on math tests and look over and check my answers. I think this is achievable and realistic. I hope to to do this by the end of the year.

I think my first goal has somewhat been made better, as I try not to jumble my work so that, the teacher cannot see it clearly, though I think I still could improve.

My second goal I think I completed. An example of this is my Art reflection and music reflection.

My third goal I think is much better though I still make mistakes.


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