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Who Am I? Wait Who Am I Really???!!!

Want to know who I am? Well this page will try to get you know me better! So lets start of. I am 12 years old boy and I live in Japan. I am from Japan and England. See The short video at the bottom for a summary.

the sports I play are swimming and squash. Don’t get squash mixed up with the drink squash! I like listen to music from 1970s-now. Some of my favorite singers from 2012-2013 are Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Usher, Jessie J and Taylor Swift. My favorite bands and singers from 1970s-2000 are Robbie Williams, David Bowie, Shakira Genesis and Electric Light Orchestra. Here are my top songs.


Some of my favorite computer games are Minecraft, Civilization IV Beyond the sword, Fall From Heaven, Heroes of might and magic. and many more. Some of my favorite games are Magic The Gathering, Carcassonne and Citadels.One of the things I really love is movies. Some of the Best movies I have seen are The Ipcress File, West World, Rear Window, Lord of the rings The fellowship of the ring, Blackadder, Ripping Yarns, Italian Job, Skyfall, Iron Man 3, Doctor Who and much more. But the things that I love doing are Hanging out with my friends, and traveling. I have been to many places such as China, Cambodia, Vanuatu, Vietnam and more.

My favorite  subjects are history, math, science, english and art. I really like history because it is really interesting to learn how humans evolved from cavemen to modern humans.  My favorite civilization is the Romans. I love the Romans because of there battle tactics, architecture and their economy .  Truly I am not very good at math. But I find it interesting to learn about numerals. And how we can use them to solve problems. I love science because it teaches about what everything is made of and all the forces that effect us everyday. For long time I was fascinated with the periodic table of elements. At first I could not believe how many elements there was! Overall I enjoy studying about matter. I love english because it is interesting to see how languages all relate and how the style of writing can effect everything. Finally I like art because of its creativity. I really like the idea that just with a pencil, paper and a blending stump you can make anything look realistic.


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