Comedy Timeline

Comedy has been around for many centuries and will continue to live on for much longer. Old comedy inside of Ancient Greece was commonly shown through Fantasy, satire and parody as well as others. Comedy was most popular in the plays of Aristophanes c.448 B.C.-c.388 B.C., who was a Greek playwright and Athenian comic poet who was the greatest ancient writer of comedy. Comedy was later adapted into Roman culture as they took over.

A newer, different form of comedy had begun during mid-4th cent. B.C. Many of the plays and comics then written where often romantic and less like what it was much earlier as the old comedy lost its popularity.

Medieval Drama, Court Jester

A Court Jester also knows as The Fool is an entertainer that was present during the medieval and Renaissance eras. His job was commonly to to entertain a nobleman and his guests (according to wikipedia). They often make comedic remarks about Love, personal identity as well as other important or relevant issues in a entertaining way.


These two photos show a commonly worn outfit the court jesters wore to entertain.

Renaissance Comics (Shakespearean plays) 

Shakespearean lays where often seen in four. Comedies, Histories and Tragedies and romances. Humour is a large part in shakespearean plays, however is not the main point of it. Elements in each play are often notices throughout them, the ways they are not alike however are also a point of analysis and interesting. In English class we are currently reading ‘A midsummer Night’s Dream’ about love, tragedies and solutions. Shakespearean plays are also often hinted about what will happen in the next part.


On the Left side is William Shakespeare and on the right is the play A MidSummer Night’s Dream.

Melodramatic Comics

Melodrama’s often include very strong stereotyping characters to create emotion and feelings to exaggerate what is happening. It has been used in many different formats since the 18th century and still being used today. The term came from a french word which according to this was derived from Greek melos. Melodrama has characters based of from sterotypes of personality. This commonly includes these 6 Characters.

  • A Hero
  • A Heroine
  • A villain
  • A cillain’s accomplice
  • A faithful servant
  • A maids servant

These are all the stock characters used in mellow dramas to show each individual character as well as their personality.

Circus Comics

Clowns have existed for super long periods of times. Not how we know them today, but they did exist to make others laugh. In Ancient Egypt, ‘clowns’ where used to entertain Royal Families. The fool (according to website) often wore a hood that had donkey ears and a tail. He wore it to show not to be taken to seriously. Eventually the outfits changed and it turnedinto a three-pointed hat with bells at the end of it. images

Cinematic Comics

Charlie Chaplin was a very popular silent actor. He was born in 1989 and died in 1977 appearing and directing in 25 films. The silent film period lasted from 1894 uo until about 1930. It is used for entertainment and amusement purposes, however many people still watch silent films today but they are not as common.


These are some interesting things about comedy, I used to not know that comedy came from such a long time ago but now I realize how it really is awesome and a part of humans.

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Mise en train chapter 10

Activity 1

  1. Because she is going to a party and wants to look nice
  2. What is comfortable
  3. Something comfortable and stylish, suitable for the party
  4. She likes the outfit she chose

Activity 2

  1. Magali
  2. Shop Lady
  3. Magali
  4. Helene
  5. shop lady
  6. shop lady
  7. helene
  8. Magali

Activity 3






Activity 6

She went to spend more time with them, because she likes Ahmed.


English Unit 3 Reflection: Perspective and Prejudice

Our unit 3 in English class has been Perspective and Prejudice. We did many tasks over the coarse of this unit that where enjoyable, my favourite was reading the Outsiders. I enjoyed this because it gave me an entirely different perspective on people and stereotypes.

How does perspective change our understanding of the world?

Old comment: Because everything can change depending on the way you look at it. If you continuously think ‘I can’t do it, I’ll never make it” etc. Your world will be as but if you change your perspective to “I can do it” your perspective on the world will be happy.

in this old comment at the beginning of the unit I talked more about feelings and people, now i think:

Our perspective can change depending on what the persons stereotype is. We often find ourselves stereotyping people and basing of from them what we think, over this unit i have learned not everyone is based of from a stereotype and is there own human with their own life. This was something I mostly learned from ‘The Outsiders’. Seeing different peoples P.O.V. could have a different story meaning how we should never make assumptions based of from these points.

Mise En Train Chapitre 9

Activity 1

  1. She didn’t do anything special, just the usual Homework, watched Television, and did reading.
  2. She had a great weekend because she went to the ancient theatre with Florent, she got introduced to a super nice boy named Ahmed they talked a lot and they both have similar intrests such as a love for Tennis. On Sunday they went to Baux-de-Provence.
  3. I think she does like him because she continuously said he was a nice boy and said a lot of things she likes about him.
  4. Her father wanted the phone.


Activity 2

  1.  Magali
  2. Hélène
  3. Magali
  4. Hélène
  5. Hélène


Activity 3

  1. She went to the ancient theatre.
  2. She met a nice boy.
  3. She went to Les Baux-de-Provence.
  4. She spoke with Hélène on the phone.


Activity 4

  1. The father of Magali
  2. Magalai
  3. Ahmed
  4. Hélène
  5. Magali


Activity 5

  1. Allô?
  2. C’est… à l’appareil.
  3. Tu as passé un bon week-end?
  4. Qu’est-ce que tu as fait?
  5. Attends une seconde.
  6. Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé?


Activity 6

I think that she got along very well with Ahmed and really enjoyed his company together and maybe they organised another day for the 2 of them without florent to hang out.

French ‘Mise En Train’ Chapter 8

Activity 1

1.It’s morning

2. Djeneba needs to get stuff from the market for her mother so they can make a traditional dish

3. , onions, tomatoes, Lemons, bread, fish, rice

4. Somebody knocks on the door

5. Forgot to tell her Mother she invited her teacheer

Activity 2

1.  Faux

2. Vrai

3.  Faux

4. Faux

5. Faux

Activity 3

1. Fish – B

2. Tomatoes – D

3. Onions – E

4. Lemons – A

5. Bread – C

Activity 4

1. Aminata

2. Mme Diomandé

3. Djebina

4. Djeniba

5. Mme Diomandé

Activity 5

1. Encore du pain, Aminata?

2. Non, merci. Je n’ai plus faim.

3. Tiens, te voilà, Djeneba. Tu me fais le marché?

4. Il me faut des légumes, du riz, du poisson… Tu me rapportes aussi du pain… Et prends de la pâte de tomates.

5. Bon, d’accord.

Activity 6.

1. Ma mère et moi

2. Grocery store, Costco, Supermarket





Field studies

The best thing that happened over field studies was the Canyoning, It was fun because I grew up around water and have always been a swimmer. So to try a new form or swimming was a fun experience. Another great thing about the canyoning is that everyone was encouraging each other which I loved seeing! some people where a bit nervous to go down some of the water falls and I loved seeing everybody encourage each other to do it!

A unexpected thing that happened was the performance, I was expecting them to be not the best because we where all messing around at times but they where actually really great, I loved seeing everybody come up with their unique ideas for it and how everyone was cheering for each other, Everyone was really involved and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Something that I did not like too much was geocaching, I enjoyed the challenge but it was very long and we kept getting lost and both the phones ran out of battery which scared us, but the challenge of finding it was fun

The lodge we stayed at was really great, the food was nice as well as the rooms, I really liked the trip overall and think it was super fun!

Drama Characterisation

A stereotype is a over-exaggeration of a character, This means if you are playing a Teenager for example, you would take this role and turn it stereotypical by over exaggerating everything they do. Stereotypes are useful during play’s, Musicals or any acting event. They are useful because you really want the audience to understand what your character is.

It is important to not judge books by their cover. For example when you see a Man/Women on the street that has tattoos and a bandana and leather jacket and Harley Davidson motorcycle and a gang, usually a typical response would be that they are dangerous, this is another example of a stereotype. Most people like this can actually be very kind and generous. This is why we should not Judge a book by its cover

Pre-Camp Blog Post

Getting out of our comfort zones

I am excited to get out of my comfort zone because I know that doing new things motivates us and helps us learn, Also our comfort zone will grow And we will have an awesome experience!

Some methods for breaking out of your comfort zone is Doing things everyday differently. If you keep the same pattern everyday for a long period of time you will not have a broad comfort zone. Doing things differently everyday can help you expand your comfort zone so that you are open to try new things.

Take your time making decisions. doing things quickly or if you are pressured may make you feel uncomfortable and you will be more likely not to do it. Taking your time making decisions will benefit you because you will be able to do what you want to do.

Do it in small steps. breaking out of your comfort zone is scary so you should do it in small steps, for example if your goal is to go sky diving then in small steps you should build up to the task so maybe start of by going rock climbing, then maybe going onto tower of terror, then try bungee jumping. Working up in small steps to your goal will make you feel less intimidated to do it.

For the field studies trip what makes me feel a bit nervous is being in a new place away from my family. I have a large Family with 3 brothers and they are all my best friends, so being away from them for so long does make me feel a bit nervous and uncomfortable but I am excited to see what the change will be like.

I think it will be important to try new things which is why I am open to the challenge, I am around my family 24/7 because all 6 of us are best friends, But maybe being away from them for a while is good so that I can try something new.

When you succeed a challenge you will feel proud of yourself for doing it and hopefully open to try even better things!

How resilient you are depends on what you have done and what you are open to try.

Pushing your comfort zone is important. You have one life to live and living it to the fullest is important.


Chapter 7 – La famelia

Activity 1

What are Isabelle and Thuytalking about? They are talking about looking at old photosDoes

Isabelle have brothers or sisters? If so, what are their names? she has an 11 year old brother named Alexandre

How many cousins does she have? 3 cousins

Who are some of the other family members she mentions? she mentions her Grand-parents, her Mother and Father, Her Aunt and Uncle, Her cousin Loïc which is 18 years old, Her other cousin named Julie who is 8 years old, and her other cousin patricia

How does Isabelle feel about her family? How can you tell? She seems to love them all very much, she mentions about how her cousins are adorable and intelligent


Activity 2







Activity 3 






Activity 4

1. Je peux..?

2.Ce sont…

3.Ils sont heureux.

4. Elle est adorable.

Elle est très intelligente.

5.Il/Elle a… ans.

6.Il est parfois pénible.


Activity 5

No, I have never met a family with similar family members as Isabelle. My family has no pets, I have a 24 year old cousin named Eike and a 25 year old cousin named Nils, I do not have only 1 brother, I have 3. A similarity between my family and Isabelle’s is that I do have an 11 year old brother.

Food label


I think that the investigation went well, We where very productive in class and used our research time well. Some problems we had was that we could not find an application to make the food labels on. Will eventually found a site called ‘Piktochart’ which helped us make these amazing food labels. Child labor, Obesity and food additives are a big problem that food companies do not include on there labels. We created labels that are easy to read and clear.

Obesity label was easy to make because the research was easy and we had created a label that was clear to understand on what the message is. We had put 3 hearts aligned next to each other showing how much of it you should eat until the point where you are obese.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.53.35 AM

The hardest thing to make was finding out different food labels because we could not think of any good ideas. We where researching a lot looking for what a good food label ideas are. Until eventually we created our finished product.


My group and I worked well as a team and we all spend equal time on this label, We where able to leave room for almost everything we needed to add. Next time we should make the box a bit earlier because we made it on the last lesson we had to work on it.