Yorick’s GCD Reflection

In the past weeks I have been working hard on Personal Project. I have been very engaged in english as well during the round table discussions about the current book we are reading called A Long Way Gone.

I have been writing many action plans for my PP and discussed with my mentor about my project. I have to use a lot of ATL skills for research and make sure I take responsibility.

Spanish Phase 2 Reflection Yorick

What am I most proud of?

I am most proud of the progress I have made since I arrived here at YIS 5-6 months ago, and that I have almost mastered present tense conjugation and also that the results that I received for my exam and recent oral were what I set my goal as.

Do I consider myself a spanish-speaker?

I would say no because I still have a lot to learn within the Spanish language and vocabulary although if I continue practicing the language for the next 3 years hopefully I can speak Spanish at a more fluent rate.

What would I do if I would do the course again?

I would construct a study plan so that not only will my ability for mastering assessments and exams be better but also so that I can memorize the language instead of forget some crucial learning from in class.

What are three concrete actions I can take to ensure that I am prepared for Phase 3 next year?

One would be create a study plan for each unit so that I can revise this for upcoming tests and end of year exams, secondly I think that I would communicate more with my teacher and if i have any uncertainties or questions, I could ask the teacher. Thirdly I would create quizlet sets as this is very basic but very effective for memorising important vocabulary from previous classes.


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