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  1. GCD Wellness – Dance lessons

    September 6, 2018 by 20chapmanh

    I have been taking different dance lessons. I do Latin dance at school which is taught by Mr. Mejia and also take Jazz dance lessons outside of school. These lessons are almost every week which gives me physical and social wellness.

    Jazz dance and Physical Wellness

    Jazz dance is every Wednesday from 7:10~9:00 at night. My teacher is Mrs. Keiko Fukushima who is a dancer and an actress. I have participated in musicals that she also makes every year but I have not joined the performance for about 2 years. I still think that it was a great experience so I would like to join this year. Mrs Fukushima’s lesson first starts with warmups. These warmups get your body moving but also takes in the basic ballet moves which is important for Jazz dance but for other dances as well. Then we move on to steps which are also the basics but it is in a routine where you need to concentrate on remembering the steps. After that, we move into the choreography which is always with cool music. The physical way I can keep my wellness is to be flexible which is hard but it is worth pushing myself. This improves my ability to concentrate on one thing which I think I am lacking in. I have been trying to work on stretching at night and it is working. The way to keep it up is to have the feeling that you want to be able to do it so you can dance like the other great dancers that are in my class. This is something that I want to be able to do because I think dancing in a beautiful form is the best thing you can do to feel happy and good. It is also something that people can praise you for. This also connects to the salsa I am doing in the morning and the ballroom dances I do outside of the school near a place in Kokubunji station.

    Latin dance and Social wellness

    Latin dance is something I take in School from 8;10~8:55 in the morning before school. Mr Mejia teaches us the pare dance and some of the techniques that are used in the dance. It is really fun and also nice to do in the morning because it wakes me up. This is really good because I am not really good in the morning in the first place. By going to Latin dance, I am also able to talk and trust students I don’t usually talk to from other grades. Trust is something very important in Latin dance because this is a dance that requires pairs to pair up with a person you don’t know and follow how the lead takes us. This connects to social wellness because we are able to talk and dance with someone that you usually don’t and create a new communication through dance.

  2. E-cigarette

    June 3, 2018 by 20chapmanh

    E-cigarette is new nicotine dispensaries that are being used to replace tobacco. There are people who claim e-cigarettes as a safer method. However, there is not enough research done on long-term damage to the body.


    Tobacco is a nicotine dispenser that uses tobacco leaves. By lighting a fire on the tip, the leaves are burnt with many different chemicals that can cause cancer in many different places in your body. (fig 1.) According to the world health organization (WHO), there are more than 7 million people who die with smoke of tobacco a year, 6 million are smokers but 890, 000 are nonsmokers known as second-hand smokers. In tobacco, there are 4000 chemicals in which at least 250 are harmful and 50 are known to cause cancer and other sicknesses. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a gradual loss of ability to breath caused by smoking and there is no cure found. Bronchial tubes have tiny hair-like projection called Celia which sweeps harmful substances out of the lungs. Cigarette smoke irritates the bronchial tubes, making them swell and makes mucus which clogs up the lungs. This is caused by chemicals including Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ammonia and Tar as well as the addictive chemical; Nicotine.

    Nicotine is an addictive chemical that is in both cigarette and e-cigarette. When you inhale the smoke, the nicotine flows through your bloodstream to the brain where it induces a pleasure-able feeling which soon becomes a habit.


    The problem with the cigarette is the smoke and the chemicals that are contained in the cigar. E-cigarettes are thought to be “95% less harmful” because it does not include tobacco leaves which makes the Tar. The e-cigarette is a small tube that vaporizes the liquid (fig 2). The liquid inside the e-cigarette includes water, nicotine, base, and flavoring. The effect towards the health is thought to be lower as you don’t inhale as much smoke as you do with cigarettes. However, less smoke does not mean that it is healthier.


    E-cigarettes use a chemical that is used in cosmetics and food which helps maintain moisture without getting soggy. One of the examples of this is the propylene glycol that can irritate your eyes and respiratory infections. There were animal studies done on vaping where some of the mouse, an animal with sensitive eyes bled from their eyes.


    Diacetyl is another chemical that is dangerous which is contained in the flavoring. We actually eat diacetyl because it is a chemical that makes butter taste like butter. This is called the popcorn lung as workers in a microwavable popcorn factory got this sickness from inhaling butter, caramel and other dairy products. This sickness official name is bronchiolitis obliterans (BO), which scars your small sacks in the lungs called alveoli making it harder for you to breath. This could disease also causes coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, which is very similar to the symptoms of COPD (mentioned in paragraph 2).

    There are other problems such as, teenagers smoking thinking that it is “healthier” and kids accidentally drinking the liquid which could cause serious damage. There has been reports done on kids drinking causing huge medical problems or brutal death. Most importantly, there are not enough evidence of long-term effects that we now have found out with cigarettes. That is why we should not use E-cigarettes.


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  3. Mise en train ~Une nouvelle vie~

    February 6, 2017 by 20chapmanh

    Tu as compris?
    1.Which rooms of the Lepic house does Pamela see?

    She sees kitchen, toilet, Sandra’s brothers room, living room, entrance, bathroom and bedroom

    2. What would Pamela like to do?

    She wants to visit the Cathedral.

    3. Why don’t the girls visit the cathedral?

    Because pamela sleeps.


    1. trouve la maison sympa?
      1. Pamela
    2. montre la maison à Pamela?
      1. Sandra
    3. aimerait bien visiter la cathédrale?
      1. Pamela
    4. explique comment aller à la cathédrale?
      1. Sandra
    Cherche les expressions
    1. How does …
      1. Sandra welcome Pamela?
        1. Viens, Pamela, on va visiter la maison.
      2. Mrs. Lepic respond to a compliment?
        1. Tu trouves?
      3. Sandra ask how Pamela’s feeling?
        1. Ça va? Pas trop fatiguée?
      4. Sandra tell Pamela to make herself at home?
        1. Bon, fais comme chez toi.
    2. How does Pamela …
      1. pay compliments?
        1. J’aime bien.
      2. say how she’s feeling?
        1. Non, ça va.
      3. express a desire to do something?
        1. J’ai envie de visiter la cathédrale.

    1. Alors, là, à droite, ce sont nos toilettes.
    2. Notre salle de bains est à côté.
    3. Et voilà ta chambre
    4. Ça, c’est la salle à manger…
    5. Et voilà la cuisine…

    Je manger le specialite.

  4. How does memory work?

    November 14, 2016 by 20chapmanh

    The memories are not like storages like we think but more of a bridge that gets stronger every time the memory is thought back to.  The LTP happens when the nerves are making conversation with each other also known as firing. It is similar to chatting with a friend using an e-mail account where you be more in a better shape if you talk to them often then talking to them once a month. The memory that is used more often is similar to adding someones name to the phone book. The LTP is like a cable that is connected to the computer where you can upload, download and process at high rates. That is why some memories are more clear then the other memory. The memories are muscles so that is why you use it or lose it. “The persistent strengthening of these activated synapses (connections) between neurons is called long-term potentiation (LTP),” said William Griffith, Ph.D. when he explained about The LTP.

    LTP: Long-term potentiation

    synapses: a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.


  5. Nature VS Nurture

    September 27, 2016 by 20chapmanh

    People tend to give the stereotypical gender toys to the gender they judge the person as. This was shown in  an experiment they did in Cambridge University, the adults seem to give the girls the toys that we describe as “Girly” and the boys as “boyish”. In this experiment there was a boy called Caleb who is actually a girls who’s name is Kailey. On the other hand there was a boy named James who dressed up as a girl and the adults played with them but the experimenter did not tell them that they were the guinea pigs. The people who were playing with Kailly gave her the toys that boys will usually play and people playing with James clearly gave him the girls toys to play with. As the narrator says the boys tend to have a harder time than girls because when the boy plays with the girls stuff the adults tend to be more hard on them rather than the girls playing with the boys toy. But the next experiment with monkeys by Professor Hines clearly shows us that the nature also is a thing that makes most boys play with trucks and most girls play with something fluffy. The monkeys showed us that the male monkeys payed more interest in to trucks then the fluffy things. Professor Hines explains that the male species tend to like to play with things that move such as wheels then the ones that just stay still.

    I think that this is something that I always tend to do as well. I give the general boy toys to the boys and make a weird face if they play with the girls. As this expirement showed me that the humans ourselves do have some part where we make the kids do or like something but also nature takes part in this cycle. Next time I play with someone, I will try to see what the person is into and wouldn’t judge some one just because there playing with a toy that does not fit their gender.

  6. (French) Chapitre 11: Mise en train

    August 30, 2016 by 20chapmanh

    Activity 1

    1. What time of year is it? How do you know?
      • They talk about what they did over the vacation and the things are all summer events.
      • Alors, les copains, qu’est-ce que vous allez faire pendant les vacances?
    2. Who is planning to travel during the vacation? Where?
      1. Florent. She is going to the summer camp.
    3. Who is going to work during the vacation? Why?
      Ahmed is going to work over the summer because he wants a scooter
    4. What is Florent going to do?
      1. He is going to participate in the photo contest.

    Activity 2

    C’est qui?
    D’après Bientôt les vacances!,qui a l’intention de (d’)…
    1. aller dans les Alpes?
    2. travailler en Arles?
    3. rester en Arles?
    4. partir en colonie de vacances?
    5. aller voir ses cousins?
    6. aller à la montagne?
    7. faire du camping?
    1. Magali
    2. Florent
    3. Florent
    4. Magali
    5. Magali
    6. Magali
    7. Ahmed

    Activity 3

    1. Les trois jeunes restent en France pendant les vacances.
      1. V
    2. Les cousins de Magali habitent à la montagne.
      1. V
    3. Ahmed va faire du camping dans les Alpes.
      1. F
    4. Ahmed va travailler dans un café.
      1. F
    5. Ahmed veut aller au Festival de la photographie.
      1. F
    6. Florent part en colonie de vacances.
      1. F

    Activity 4

    Cherche les expressions

    According to Bientôt les vacances!, what can you say in French…

    1. to ask what someone is going to do?
      1. Qu’est-ce que vous allez faire… ?
    2. to tell what a place looks like?
      1. C’est génial!
    3. to express an opinion?
      1. C’est super joli…
    4. to express indecision?
      1. Je n’ai pas encore décidé.
    5. to make a suggestion?
      1. Pourquoi est-ce que tu ne… pas?
    6. to express a preference?
      1. Je préfère…


  7. Trash in space

    June 7, 2016 by 20chapmanh

    I looked at the article that was called “trash in space” that was an article made by Dolasia sona published on Dogonews on March 20th 2012. This article was explaining how the trash in space are going cause environmental and political problem in the future. First the article explains that we left rockets in space and they are falling to earth. The article tells a example in 1997 when “a main propellant tank from the Delta 2 fell to Earth and landed in Georgetown, Texas, almost intact (unbroken).” This weighed 550 lbs and made a 30ft. crater on the ground. Then the article goes on with explaining how scientist are also trying to improve this by building satellites that will hopefully make space more cleaner with less rocket.


    In this article they explain how science is being used to tell us more about earth from space but also creating more fear for us. According to NASA, there are currently over 500,000 pieces of man-made trash orbiting the earth at speeds of up to 17,500 miles per hour. This tells us that there are things that we sent for research but never came back and turned into junk. As people have created these junks they will need to clean after themselves. In the article they mention first about the satellite that is developed by the the US-based Star Technology and Research. They say : “the “ElectroDynamic Debris Eliminator” is being designed so that it grabs space trash in a net and pulls it in. … (shortened cause long)” The other project that the swiss scientist has been working on is a janitor satellite called clean space. This one is being designed so that it will take the items off the orbit and throw them back towards earth in such a way that they will (hopefully) burn up as they re-enter the earth’s atmosphere.” these are both how to solve the problem. On the other hand these trash in space will affect the earth by environmental and political ways.


    The political and environmental ways that these trash collectors will affect the world is by how they throw the trash down and where they throw it. Sooner or later after the satellites are launched, to go collect the trash in space. But on the other hand the satellite might break or be uncontrollable that this will turn into trash in space. Also if the satellites hit each other in a way that is a bad angle we will have raining space trash. First of all the article told us that there are space trash that fell to earth by crashing into each other. So if something happened like a satellite hit another trash or satellite gets caught by the chain of space trash we will have more problem. This is political problem because the government has made the satellites so they will need to pay the people money for broken houses and buildings and they will also need to rebuild the roads. This will mean more taxes will be needed so everyone will not be happy. Also  there are environmental issues that will occur when the trash falls down into the ocean. The ocean will get more dirty as it is already polluted and the fishes will die wich means the food chain will fall. If this gets worse there will be animals that will be extinct and no one can eat much fish. Thirdly the most biggest question. Even if the satellites that gets created  that makes the junk go back to earth, how would people on earth be able to take care of it?!. The article did mention that there is pieces that can be reused but they only say “Some” and not all of them. How do we plan to do it?


    Some vocabularies that were mentioned in the article. space trash: collection of man-made object that are floating around space. These include old satellites, spent rocket stages and small pieces of disintegration, erosion, and collisions. Orbiting: when a celestial object or spacecraft move in (orbit round) usually a star or a planet. Atmosphere: The atmosphere is a gas that surround our planet earth. This keeps the water warm enough to make it liquid and also keeps the strong radiation away from us humans. These were the vocabularies that were mentioned in the article.


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  8. Drama comedy reflection

    June 5, 2016 by 20chapmanh

    1.What influenced the development of your character? Was it a visiting artist? (Phillipe or Rene) Was it a well known comedian? Was it something we did in class? (slapstick, hats, walks, tricks) Did you think about your own personality?

    I got influenced by Phillipe the guest that came over few weeks ago. He told us about how we can do an open character and a closed character. Also he told us by combining these two makes a very interesting character. I really got inspired when he showed me how to do a character that would fit in to me. Also the other person Rene helped us with the comedy routine. This made our routine more interesting and fun to watch because the scene needed to be more organized to tell the situation.

    2. What feedback to you receive about your character and comedy routine? How did make changes based on feedback?

    I got  feedback from Mrs. Ericson that our comedy routine was hard to understand especially for small kids. So we ended up making the scene more simpler so it is easier for them to understand. Also I did not have almost any involvement with the scene so I needed to be more involved in it. That is why I am being more talkative in the scene and am bugging the people.

  9. Music reflection :pianica

    June 1, 2016 by 20chapmanh

    The thing that I had trouble was practicing my parts for pianica. This is what I have struggled:

    First I need to practice the music itself. Mr. Johnston gave me a music with the chords on it so it is easier to see what I need to play. I first used the hose so I can see the actual keyboards. This is so I can play the right notes and put the notes into my head. This is important because later I will use a mouthpiece that can not see the keyboards. The hardest part of this process was catching the right tempo. I did not get how long I needed to keep one chord at a time. I fixed this by collaborating with my friends who played the piano and recorder. This helped because I was able to make a decision of how long I need to hold one chord.



    The second thing I had a hard time was switching from the hose to the mouthpiece. This was hard because I can not see the keyboards when I use the mouthpiece. This made me need to remember where the keyboards are and also remember how the chord actually sounds like. The most hardest part of playing on the pianica was when jumping to a further key because I play the piano. The pianica is a smaller instrument that is very close to the piano. That is why it is hard to judge the distance between the keyboards. I fixed it by asking my friends to look at the hands when I am playing and tell me where I got wrong. Then I fixed those part that my friends pointed out and practiced so I can remember the places of the chords.



    The last thing I struggled with was breathing. The pianica doesn’t need any electricity but it needs your breath. The problem that I had with the music was when I was going to breath. I need to breath in the right time so I don’t miss any notes and also have enough to make a great strong sound. I overcame the problem by listening to the song and thinking where I can breath and writing on the sheet. This was good because I can tell where exactly to stop and not mistaken it. Then I have erased the marks so I can test where I need to stop. This worked out and that is why I now know when to breath.



    In conclusion the 3 places that I worked on hard was 1. able to play all the chords, 2. switching hose to mouthpiece, 3. to be able to breath at the right place. This was all hard but with my support of my friends and a lot of practice I was able to do play the music right. 🙂 olrz=

  10. English unit 3 reflection: Perspective and Prejudice

    May 26, 2016 by 20chapmanh

    First I thought about how people see history differently in a light way. This is because I did not know about the perspective and how these work and some techniques to analyse it but as I learned how to analyse it I began to see people in the book differently then I used to see them as. I also learned the true meaning of stereotype and I learned about perspectives. We analyzed the outsiders by using STEAL(Speech, Thoughts, Effect on others, Actions and Looks) which made me understand more about the character itself rather than how the character is looks.

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