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March, 2014

  1. The tutorial plan reflection

    March 15, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    Recently in Technology Class, we are working on how to make a tutorial. As you know I recently posted another post about the investigate stage on my blog. We have been working on other things too. I think we have been working productively and have fun about what is coming next. I think I did a good job planing and I think we talked about it in class we are starting our tutorial.a

    At our class, we have been talking about things that we need in our tutorials. I think a lot of thing is needed in the tutorial but I think these are the ones I really think we need the most for my tutorial.

    Tips is the first one that I think I will have in my tutorial. I will Advice other things that you can do and suggest them. I will make the skill easier with examples on how to do it.

    The second thing I will do is to do with my voice. I think I can have a clear voice but actually doing with a camera is not as easy as I thought. I have to make my voice clear, expressive voice with modulation. All though on top of that I need  to adjust my voice too because I am filming in the library.

    The third thing I want to word on is to edit the video. I don’t want a tutorial that no one will watch me do. I think I can do a better job now that we had done some work on with our work in class witch was to watch tutorials and do all the things I have reflected on. I thing I can probably edit my video to make it awesome.

    I think   what make me say my tutorial is good is when I make it and understand it my self and tell another person to do it. The other person would of course know me and I will tell she/he to watch the tutorial and try it her/him self. I want to ask them what I could improve and what she/he likes about it. That Is when I know my tutorial is clear and easy to understand. I think teaching a person is hard as teaching a person from a screen. I think the viewer will know what kind of things that could show my understanding and things like that too.

    I think I need to learn more things about Green screen. I think I could put things that is more interesting such as Green screen. I know what green screen is. It is a special thing that people can use to make there background more interesting. I think by working on the background and making it funny or more spooky or even more strate . I think by trying to do new and cool things will help me do thing.

    All that I had learned I think I done a good job of planing and learning about tutorials and can probably make my tutorial awesome.


  2. Art

    March 13, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    In Art we are working on a self portrait. We had been working on 2 things. one were working on making a portrait with black and white with shades. That was another thing.

    The subject of my composition is me. I chose me because I know me. I know what the details and what is my type. I first thought of my friends but I did not want to mess up things with my friends. Next I will paint with many things that I like and dislike.

    Photo on 3-13-14 at 1.02 PM


  3. Drama speech reflection

    March 9, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    We had been working on preparing for the speech that we are going to do but first we started with a game of zip! zap! boing! what the rule of this game is to get people out and we had to zip the person next or zap across the circle or we will have to boing it back to the person who ziped you or zaped you. This is a very interesting game to do. We first get in to the circle in a big room and than we start with who ever first and if the person mistakes they are kicked out of the game.

    Any way, To day I wanted to talk about the practice speech we had done in class. The

    1. My best skill was too talk loud because I had been practicing with musical with talking loud. I think talking loud is really important because the audience has to hear you. I think to project the voice in a small room is easy but in a big room it is very hard so that is why I worked on projecting my voice

    2. I should improve on not fidgeting  because I was moving  a lot and I thought to make the audience interested  you need to not move. My teacher told us that fidgeting effects the mood of the audience.

    6A Drama Practice Speech06 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

  4. The myth story and how people told myths

    March 6, 2014 by 20chapmanh

    We are talking about myths in our English class. We were talking about what myth are and why do we tell myths. Originally myths were like bedtime story that the people who used to hunt asked there Wise person. They will ask things like : “What is the sun made out of?” or “What is that sound that the sky makes when there are lightning?” and things like that. Now in the old days they did not have any computer nor did they have the knowledge and the understanding of science. The old or the wise one will tell them a story about them to the younger people. Usually the myth will explain how the earth was made or a lesson that they teach kids. They have lot’s of myth with gods and other creature that we don’t know that exist such as mermaids and unicorns.


    One myth that I know that was a lesson that people teach each other and they have Gods in them. The story starts at a campfire in the old days of Viking sagas. They were around the campfire when somebody ask the wise one to tell them a story. Than the wise one will start with how the story starts usually.

    Once upon a time there was a god of thunder who was going on an adventure to fight with the Giants. The brave God name was Thor the thunder god. He could not stand that he was similar to the other Gods. That is why his chariot is pulled by 2 gigantic very strong goats. Thor always carries a weapon that is the hammer that makes the lightning. With him was another slightly young god that is the god of fire. He is so young and he likes to tricking people. He can turn in to any animal or thing. He can also turn someone else to another shape. On the way to go to challenge the giant, they had to stop at a house for the night. Thor knocked on the door and asked the owner of the house if it is ok to stay for the night and give them some shelter and food. The kind man let them inside and gave them some soggy cheese and some bread. Thor could not stand having a soggy dinner. So Thor said,

    “ I want a better dinner than this. We can have goats. We have meat to eat. We shall have goat meat soup for dinner.”

    and then that Is when he bang his hammer at the goats and they lied still not limping or moving even a muscle. They had a nice dinner and when Thor saw the men eating the meat off of the bones he said to him,

    “ Don’t crack open a bone. After you finish put the bone in the corner over there.”

    He pointed where the pile of bones that he had put. The men nodded. That is when Loki the god of fire whispered to him and said.

    “don’t worry it will be ok to break one and suck on it when Thor has his back turned. He is sometimes too strict about things.”

    So the men listen to Loki and broke open the bone and sucked in the inside of the bone when Thor was not looking. The men put the broken bone on the pile of bones. The next morning Thor said the magic words that he uses to make his goat go back into goats. Than he realized that one of the goats were limping. and he shouts out,

    “ who broke the bone in half when I told them not to.”

    The men was scared but he said,

    “ I ….I …. I am sorry I….I…. just heard from lord Loki that I was aloud and…..I am very sorry ….. don’t kill me…!”

    Thor was not staring at the men but he was staring at Loki. Loki was shocked to see Thor see that he was the one who said it was ok to brake the bone in half. Thor fixed his goats. Thanked to the kind men and shouted at Loki for about 10 minutes but to decided to go on with the adventure.

    And that is How the story ends.” says the wise one. They learned a new story and a new lesson that Loki had learned. also they had learned about the god named Thor.

    Now you know what we had learned in english class and what we had been talking about this unit or this assignment. This is what we had done for the past few weeks. This is what we had learned about in class. The class were watching the video on lot’s of myth and even reading a story to. As I said in the first paragraph myth was like a bedtime story that people told each other to show how the earth was made and how we had have the nature and things. As I also said on the first paragraph the people in the old days did not have the knowledge and understanding of science. If some how you go back in time and tell the vikings that the world is like a orange not flat like pancake.

    This was another project we had done on about the story I tell above

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